Look for Gesture

Man standing on a intersection in Udaipur

When shooting street photography, I’m always on the look for gesture. Gesture adds interest to images. Don’t just capture people walking with arms hanging at their sides or with expressionless faces.

Gestures can be facial gestures as well as hand gestures. People smiling, frowning, making a funny face. People doing something with their hands, like holding something, pointing, waving, touching parts of their’s or someone else body.

Gestures usually carry emotions and give a heart and soul to your photographs. And this is what you want to convey if you want to capture your reader’s interest.

The man standing in the middle of an intersection in Udaipur shows a lot of gesture. The posture of his body. The bright pink bag he is holding in his hands. The strong directional look. All helping to make the viewer wonder what he is doing, thinking.

So next time your are out and shooting, look for gesture!

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Wish you a great Monday!


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  1. You nailed it. I am definitely wondering what he’s doing based on the angles of his body and seemingly sharp turn of the head. 🙂

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