Giantesses and Dwarfs

Juxtaposition of little man walking before giant mural girl
1/100sec – f/4.5 – ISO640 -47mm

Nothing like a good juxtaposition to start into the weekend. Putting huge and tiny into one photograph. Giantesses and Dwarfs. Portland and its many awesome murals provide great opportunities to capture these opposites.

Juxtaposition of people walking before giant mural girl in Portland
1/400sec – f/4.5 – ISO3200 -34mm

I’ve made it across the great ocean to Amsterdam, waiting for my onward flight to Nuremberg. Unfortunately, no polar lights were visible this time. Maybe next time, when I come back from a short Chicago trip just prior to Easter, although the northern lights season is coming to a close.

The photographs were taken with my Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100 F/4 Pro Zoom.

Wish you all a great weekend!


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  1. Sorry you missed out on the polar lights this time — but you still came away with these wonderful images. Nicely seen, Marcus.

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