Don’t leave home without it

Nürnberger Christkind mit Markus Söder

The other night, The Significant Other and myself went into town for some quick errands. Before leaving, I was seriously debating myself whether to bring one of my Olympus cams along. “Nawhh, won’t be doing photography anyway”, said the seasoned street shooter to himself, considering we had drizzling rain and planned only for a quick splash & dash into the shopping area. Well…guess what?

Literally in the same moment we exited the parking garage, the iconic Nürnberger Christkind, the President of the Bavarian State Government (who actually is from Nuremberg) and our Mayor, plus their entourage, passed us on their way to the Christmas Market at the main square.

Would I have brought my camera, which would have been pre-set to P-Mode and ISO 1600 ready to shoot, I would have had the chance to take a decent image of the passing group. But as things go, I only had my vintage iPhone 8 (which is my office phone) as, to make things worse, I have left my (personal) iPhone Xs in the car a few floors underground.

So in the end I managed to only get this blurred image of this super rare event, which, miraculously, had the Christchild somewhat in focus, while our State President (the face to the right of her crown) is a muddy mess.

It’s not the first time I write about regretting NOT BRINGING the camera on any occasion. I think I never wrote about regretting BRINGING a camera. Get the message?

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Wish you a great weekend!

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  1. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Yup, I’ve been there too Marcus. After a few comments of “Why are you bringing that thing?” I sometimes leave it home and the regret is often fairly immediate. Good catch with the phone. Perhaps, there are those who ight think the muddy face suits the State President. Cheers. Allan

  2. I like the photo Marcus, to me some photos are better when they are less ‘perfect’. 90% of the time when I leave home, my old Nikon is in the cab with me. 😎

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