Spring Cleaning

Marcus Puschmann Self Portrait

March is upon us, and spring is coming to the Streets of Nuremberg. And it’s really time for it. Albeit, how much we will be able to enjoy it will also depend on how things will continue with the new coronavirus. And it doesn’t look good these days. The latest company directive is to avoid all travels, and everyone who can work from home should work from home for the time being (affecting me as well). And I just learned from TV news that Italy has put the entire nation under lockdown, that means 60 million people. And who’s to decide if that’s insanity or necessary precautions. But, coming back to the Streets of Nuremberg, well into the fourth year of existence of this blog, I thought it was about time for some needed personal spring cleaning.

Finally I decided to change my roughly eight year old avatar on all my social media profiles. I get that avatars are part of your branding. But for whatever reasons, I couldn’t stand looking at my younger self anymore. While my original avatar was based on a picture I had taken at a photographer for company purposes, I now thought I would be up to the task to take my own selfie. Which would also bring the camera into the picture, which would be more appropriate for an aspiring photographer anyway.

So I took my Leica M240 with the Summicron F/2 35mm and went to work in front of the mirror in the bathroom of the hotel where The Significant Other and I spent a long weekend in the mountains. The bathroom was perfect, as it was well lit and provided for a clean background. Then it was a lot of hit and miss, as the Leica is manual focus only and the shallow depth of field of the Summicron had everything in focus, from the tip of my nose to my ears, but not the eyes. And juggling the heavy brass camera with only two fingers of my right hand was quite a challenge in itself. But in the end I was quite happy with the outcome. So I present to you my current self 😉 , courtesy of some needed spring cleaning.

Wish you a great week!


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  1. I like your self portrait a lot. How your head is bit tilted allowing space for the camera to center on your face and how you chose not to look directly at the camera. Inspiring! Take care and be well!

  2. In your eyes, I see the intuitive awareness of a photographer. Interesting selfie. 🙂 I like the slant in your shoulder counteracting the vertical pose of the camera. Stay well with this alarming progression of the corona virus.

  3. We’re suppose to be flying into London next week. I’m quite worried that it might not happen. I’ve started my spring cleaning and I started in the bathroom. Amazing how much stuff I found to throw out. I should probably upgrade my avatar as well. My current one is seven years old.

    1. Good that you postponed your UK trip to October, carol, with public life shutting down all around us. Stay safe and take care of yourself! Now you have time to work on a new avatar 😉 Marcus

  4. Great photo Marcus, how clever to take it in a bathroom. I always have the most problems there with reflections, glare etc. so I’d better put in some practice. Take care, Marion.

  5. Looking good Marcus! I love the new image… kind of retro chic or something. 🙂 I should change mine some day but waiting for the right moment haha. Peace & Love!

  6. Looking good, it always feels so good to clean up the clutter. Hope things settle down with the virus, my kids are back in the US so no Germany trips planned for me this year

  7. Thanks for sharing the details, Marcus.
    But I’m still wondering about the “aspiring photographer” comment. Surely you were referring to those you were attempting to attract to your training materials…
    I mean, you couldn’t be referring to yourself… you’re the real deal.
    But whatever, a good shot. I’ve been thinking of updating from the photo of myself with the solar eclipse glasses… but still think it’s fun and funny.

    1. Thanks, Allan, appreciate your kind words! Aspiring means that I’m not doing any commercial stuff up to now, although I’m working to change that. I found it hard to decide to change the avatar. After all, it’s a kind of branding. I’m totally used to yours. Stay safe! Marcus

  8. Hello, current self! I love the shot, Marcus. I did see that Italy is on lockdown. My husband’s job and my daughter’s school all have plans in place if it makes its way here. Since it’s surrounding us, I do wonder if it’ll be a matter of time before it does.

    1. Thanks, Amy, glad you like the new avatar. Since midnight we have a full lockdown in Bavaria. Total curfew. Life has come to a standstill. But if it helps us to avoid the hell that Italy is going through, I’m all for it! Hope you guys are safe! Marcus

      1. Life is coming to a standstill here as well. The Governor of Virginia has announced today that public school will not resume for the rest of the school year. Most non-essential places are closing as well. Countrywide our cases are climbing, but I’m hoping that they can get it to slow down. We are well and safe. I hope that you all are too!

      2. Thanks for these insights from Virginia, Amy, it is similar here. We are able to work from home, so no need to exit apart from some occasional trips to town to pick up some groceries. Good that the woods are behind our house, so plenty opportunity to do some running when things get to tight inside. Marcus

  9. I like a lot your new selfie, Marcus! And I like your Leica! Spring is coming here also. Slowly. Unfortunately, it will be different this year because of coronavirus. Be very careful, Marcus if it’s possible and stay healthy.
    Greetings from Utah.

    1. Thanks, Kaya, as always your kind words brighten up my day! Especially now, that we are under total curfew now, for at least two weeks. Life is crazy! But I’m glad I don’t have to travel now! I hope all is well with you! Stay safe! Marcus

      1. Yes, the whole world should be for a while. You, too, Marcus. Best wishes to you and your family to safe and healthy.

  10. That’s a great photo Marcus! Wow, an entire country on lock down. Very scary stuff. I suppose it will be nice for you to work from home for a change but perhaps more difficult. Be well! 😎

    1. How life has changed, John. Now we are under total lockdown ourselves, and in Italy they are dying like it was some third world country. The world is a scary place! Stay safe, my friend! Marcus

  11. You have created a marvelous and striking “selfie”. Perfect for you and your photography. This COVID-19 issue is, at the least, scary. I am of an age (69) and with certain health issues (respiratory problems) that make me one who requires caution. And as things get worse, caution becomes harder. Be safe, Marcus.

    1. Thanks, so much appreciated! Thinks have deteriorated significantly over here – we are now under total lockdown as well, mandatory curfew and everything. The world is a scary place right now! Stay safe! Marcus

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