November Blues

Motion blurred lady ascending out of a subways station into dark streets
0.5 sec | f/11 | ISO 1600| 25 mm

November is upon us. And with it the obligatory November blues. Many persons I know are dreading this month, as it is the month of remembrance of the dead, the month of grey, wet, foggy, cold dull days. There is lots of work in the garden to prepare it for winter. With the change of the clock to winter time this past weekend it is practically dark by 5pm. It is also the transition month between the last warm days of the year with the explosive colors of autumn and the happiness and joy of the upcoming festive season.

Even though daytime photography is practically limited to the weekend as daylight is limited to my working hours, November has great photo opportunities on its own. The fog that frequently enters the city and creeps along the banks of the Pegnitz river makes for great images when combined with the rays of the street lanterns and silhouettes of people rushing by. And its the best time to go out and do some night photography, something that we now can comfortably do directly after work, without having to wait until 11pm like in the summer months. And we almost always can employ slow shutter speeds to get some creative motion blur effects into our images, without having to use an ND filter.

So instead of succumbing to the November blues, lets pick up the camera and be creative.

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Wish you a great start into November


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  1. A photographer friend once told me his favorite mornings were the foggy ones, and ever since then, I’ve tried to strike out in my neighborhood to take pictures. He’s right. You do get a different feel for everything in the fog!

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