The man and the peacock

The man and the peacock
The man and the Peacock | Seville | 2023

The man and the peacock – a fun street shot I took an hour ago in the garden of Seville‘s Real Alcazar, the royal palace. This image is also a good example of capturing the viewer’s attention by means of a juxtaposition. What also contributes to the composition is that the photograph has quite a few triangles.

I took the image with my iPhone 14 Pro. B&W conversion in the iPhone photos app.

The Real Alcazar is an amazing place. Stay tuned for a post covering all the highlights.

Have a great Monday!


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  1. It’s so unusual to see such a curious peacock that could get so close to this person. Fantastic moment and photo, Marcus!

    1. Thank you so much, Kaya. The peacock was literally eating out of the man‘s hand. He fed it some breadcrumbs. It was a magnificent specimen…didn‘t want to show us his „wheel“ though….
      Greetings from sunny Seville

  2. Such a lovely photo. I was so surprised to see the peacocks roaming the Alcazar gardens when we were there. Made it seem even more grand…if that’s even possible?!

    1. Thanks, John. I shoot mainly with the Leica, but take quite a few of snapshots with the iPhone for quick sharing with family and friends. So I don‘t have to fire up Lightroom all the time…

      1. I see, many folks use the iPhone only for photos which is handy, but it can’t do the job of a Nikon!

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