High Key Wilderness

Etosha Animals HeyKey Panorama 03
Zebras in Etosha | Namibia | 2017

Somehow I have a hard time transitioning back to Street Photography, so here find another Africa post. While  sorting through my Namibia photos and selecting the ones I want to include in the photo book of our vacation, in a calendar etc…. I was also playing around with animal images I could convert to monochrome. I have a high key preset in Lightroom that I wanted to try out on panoramic groups of animals I photographed in Etosha National Park with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 40-150mm F/2.8 with the MC-14 Tele-Converter that increases focal length by factor of 1.4 . The Lightroom adjustments basically include increasing exposure and playing with the grad curves, were I increased the light midtowns and turned down the dark midtowns, to get that high key effect. I also increased the contrast and the clarity. To see more monochrome Etosha wilderness photos continue after the jump….

Hey Key Wilderness - Springboks
Springboks in Etosha | Namibia | 2017


Etosha Animals HeyKey Panorama 02
Zebras and Lioness in Etosha | Namibia | 2017



Etosha Animals HeyKey Panorama 01
Giraffes in Etosha | Namibia | 2017
Hey Key Wilderness - Elephants
Elephants in Etosha | Namibia | 2017


Etosha Animals HeyKey Panorama 05
Zebras and Black Wildebeest in Etosha | Namibia | 2017

I have a few more similar photos that are will add to the series. The idea is to make a calendar out of it.

Let me know what you thing of these monochrome conversions in the comment section. At least I got a fun afternoon in the digital darkroom out of it. It was the best way to avoid the rain outside.

Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Loving the monochromes. It’s Sunday, and raining where I am, but I have just been on a mini adventure to Namibia this morning. WOW and WOW again! Thank you so much for sharing all these posts.

  2. Your monochrome conversions are so amazing, Marcus. What I most like is your style and view to capture the wilderness in monochrome. Have a splendid sunday without rain.
    All the best,

  3. I really like “Zebras in Etosha” and “Giraffes in Etosha.” I’m thinking that the high key is a good choice as it encouraged a more direct attention to the details of both the zebras and giraffes.

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