Summer in the City

Entla's Keller Erlangen
Entla’s Keller | Erlangen | 2022

Summer in the City. The Significant Other and I spent the last evening of June in style, at the Entla’s beer cellar in neighbouring Erlangen. The site of a major 10 day beer festival each year, it’s actually much nicer visiting “The Mountain”, as it is called by the locals, when it is not packed by thousands of people standing shoulder by shoulder…

Entla's Keller Erlangen
Entla's Keller Erlangen
Entla's Keller Erlangen

It is said, that the “Bergkirchweih” (the name of the beer fest) is to the people of Erlangen the same as the river of their birth is to salmons. Each year in June, from wherever they are on this planet, the Erlangians are coming back to their city to congregate in thousands on “The Mountain” to celebrate together and meet old friends and family. Only, and that’s different to the salmons, they leave alive to come back the next year 😉

Pictures are snapshots with my old iPhone X…jpgs out of the phone. My Leica is still back in Wetzlar for repairs. I haven’t heard back from them. But I see dark clouds building over the Leica Store Nuremberg. I have a shooting the week after next where I wanted to use the camera….

Wish you all a great Saturday and start into July!


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