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Happy Mayday from the Streets of Nuremberg. A strange first day of May it was. Covid-19 lockdown, stormy weather, empty streets – far away from the usual cheerfulness at the start into what we Germans call the “Wonnemonat”. Dearly in need to see something else than our home and the supermarket, The Significant Other and I headed downtown to the Wöhrder See, where the Pegnitz River is dammed to a lake just before entering the city walls.

Norikus Hochhaus Nürnberg

I did a few visual pushups with my Leica, trying to capture the mood on this stormy afternoon.

Goose Gaze

We just made it back to the car before the downpour started. Still, it felt good to go for a Mayday walk in town, even though it was a gloomy start into the month. The lockdown will continue for at least another week. But in the end all will be well!

Images taken with the Leica M and the Summicron 35 F/2. Postprocessing in Lightroom Classic.

Check out my Learning Center if you want to pick up your camera and want to fill your lockdown with some creativity.

Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Happy first of may, same situation here in Denmark. 1 of may is usually “workers” day, where the people have the day off, and union and politicians do speeches. I think your pictures sums up the gloom pretty well.

  2. Love the stormy looking images. Hopefully lockdown will break for you soon. UK is on day 39 today with no end in sight yet. Hope you and your family are still staying safe.

  3. In der Nähe wohnend, ist der Wöhrder See mein Naherholungsgebiet, und gestern war ich ebenfalls draußen, auf der anderen Seeseite. Hatte gleichermaßen Glück mit dem Wetter. Wie die Gänsefamilien gerade ihre Jungen ausführen. Ein Hingucker und Fotomotiv für die Spaziergänger. Danke und Grüße

    1. Danke für die lieben Worte, Bernd. Ich wollte heute mit meinem ferngesteuerten Segelboot zum See, aber das Wetter war zu gruselig. Wir sind auch oft dort, ein guter Teil der Familie wohnt in der Nähe in St. Peter. Liebe Grüße, Marcus

      1. Ja, Marcus,
        am Donnerstag, Himmelfahrt, war es am See sehr schön und gut besucht, der Samstag lockte nicht dorthin.
        Schöne Grüße

  4. I remember living back in Germany where I grew up, that 1st of May, was a celebration, um den Maibaum zu tanzen, which was erected in villages , Maibaum, a very colorful and happy event. Maybe it was more celebrated that way in Bavaria? Sorry for the mixed German and English version.

    1. I love the mix of German and English, that is what I do in the office and on the blog every day 🙂 without even thinking about it. Der Tanz in den Mai is still tradition as you remember it from the past, only this years events were all canceled. Have a splendid weekend! Marcus

  5. Those flamingo, swan and duck boats sure look lonely. This too will pass, the question is when and what the new normal will look like. Blessings to you and yours, Marcus.

  6. Happy May Day Marcus. Walking is our guilty pleasure, but our trips do not take us far these days. Not as tough capturing interesting photos as I thought is would be though. Stay well and enjoy the weekend. Allan

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images. That stormy weather allowed for some dramatic, dark and intriguing and intense images. Beautiful! I used to be more aware of the 1st of May holiday, as a kid; still do, in a way. Also, this whole year has been stressful, strange, scary…I could go on. Maybe “scary” is too strong of a word, but still…. Again, thanks for sharing!

  8. Happy May Day. My husband decided yesterday he was ready for his first walk since this whole thing started. It was a good thing we brought our umbrellas because it poured on our walk. Today is sunny and warming up. It was a great day to work in the garden.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Carol, so much appreciated! We had a huge garden session yesterday, while it was still warm and sunny. Today it is pouring again! Have a great weekend! Marcus

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