New Streetshooter from Olympus

With the PEN-F the latest Streetshooter from Olympus will hit the shelves

At the end of February Olympus will release the latest camera in its PEN lineup, the PEN-F. Designed in a beautiful retro rangefinder style look the PEN-F features a new20-megapixel Live MOS sensor, 5-axis image stabilization (as in the OM-D’s) and a high resolution OLED electronic viewfinder. Another new feature making the cam attractive for street shooters is a monochrome/color profile quick-select control dial on the front of the body.

As a passionate and convinced user of the Olympus m4/3 system (see “About My Gear“)  I’m really looking forward to the PEN-F as a potential upgrade over my PEN E-PL7 that I primarily use for street photography (besides my Ricoh GR II), although the price tag (it can be pre-ordered for 1199€) would require some serious saving….

Olympus PEN-F


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