Street ? Airport ! (2)

Rushing Traveler
Tunnel Rush | Frankfurt | 2016

Again I’m away from the streets of Nuremberg. I’m spending the week in Dallas on business. Flying out via Frankfurt Airport I managed to get some quick shots with Ricoh GR II. 

Multitasked Traveler
Multitasked Traveler | Frankfurt | 2016

Opposite my departure gate I stood next to the wall at the end of the walkway and tried to capture some interesting candids of travelers rushing by. It’s always amazing how much on “autopilot” they rush through the airport, pulling trolleys, checking emails, still finding their way (I generally do this myself as well).

Time is money
Time is Money | Frankfurt | 2016

Being a street photographer at least has the benefit that you pass more consciously through the terminals, always on the look for an opportunity. At least when you are not late for a flight.

Also opposite my gate was a smokers cabin. I kind of strayed around before the glass front taking a couple shots from the hip. Good thing the small Ricoh is inconspicuous.

Should I stay or should I go?
Should I stay or should I go ? | Frankfurt | 2016


It's time for a break
It’s time for a break | Frankfurt | 2016

So these are my shots from todays short layover at Frankfurt. I don’t expect to get any shooting time in Dallas, it will be the Airport – Office – Hotel – Office – Hotel – Office – Airport kind of trip.

But the Ricoh is ready in the bag – just in case

Have a great day !


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