Back on the Streets of Nuremberg

Ciao | Nuremberg | 2016

It has been a while since I last posted from the Streets of Nuremberg, but lets just say I had my summer break 😉  Was back in town yesterday doing some shopping with my wife and brought along the Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 25mm F/1.8 (my m4/3 equivalent of a nifty fifty, considering the m4/3 crop factor of 2).

Passing through the old town we discovered that this weekend was an Italian Market on the bridges over the Pegnitz River. The food vendors offered plenty of Italian goodies to try and we even bought some delicious Italian truffeled salami to take home.

And right across from the food stalls I saw this guy leaning on the bridge railing, all relaxed and having a smoke. And I decided just then and there it would be a good time to put my new resolution (shooting deliberate street portraits with short primes instead of shooting unobtrusive candids with more distance to the subject)  to a first test, so I walked up to the guy and just asked him if I could take his portrait because I like his style. And sure enough he smiled and agreed. Talking a bit to him learned he’s Italian himself.

Visually, his bright red cloves contrast perfectly with his black coat, so I left the photo in color, just increased clarity in Lightroom to give the portrait more punch and worked a bit on the graduation curves. I also added a slight vignette. The image was taken at 1/160 sec  f/3.2 and ISO 200.

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    1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and the compliments! It means a lot because I’m not a natural writer. But isn’t the world small? Browsing through wordpress I so often discover great articles and photos from places I’ve been to or that I still have on my bucket list. And so often I get comments or emails from people who’ve been to Nuremberg or come from the area. That’s so much a fun part of blogging 🙂

      1. Your blog is beautiful and I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a natural writer 😉. English is my second language as well and I lived here in the states for so long, it almost feels more natural than my native tongue, because I speak it for the majority. But I think writing is not always about being perfect, grammar wise etc. and using big words, I believe it is more beautiful when it comes from the heart and it’s sincere. Nobody can take that away and I have definitely seen the beauty in your words and your writing. You are right and it’s a small world. I’m grateful for platforms such as WordPress that has allowed me to connect with wonderful people such as yourself.

      2. Thanks, your feedback means a lot to me, because your writing skills are something to look up to! But I agree that contents is more important than form and my core intention is to connect with interesting people all over the globe and to give something back to the photography community in the WWW that has given me so much joy, inspiration and knowledge over the years. Looking so much forward keeping in touch with you via our blogs 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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