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Portofino Ligurien Italien
Portofino | Italy | 2004

In contrary to the original forecast the weather was quite gruesome this pentecost weekend. So a good opportunity to dive into the archives, in this case back to a sunny January afternoon in 2004, when we were living in Genoa, Italy.

That afternoon we visited Portofino, a picturesque fishing village on the Ligurian coast just outside Genoa. The town with its colorfully painted historic houses is built around a small harbor.

For some more info about the village that is said to feature the highest real estate prices in Italy, and more photos, continue after the jump…

Portofino Ligurien Italien

Portofino Ligurien Italien

Said to be founded by the Romans as Portus Delphini (Port of the Dolphins), Portofino has always been associated with celebrity and artistic visitors, among them Richard I. Lionheart of England, Pope Gregory XI, Guy de Maupassant, Guglielmo Marconi, Rex Harrison and Lili Palmer. Former Italian prime minister Silvia Berlusconi also owned one of the striking villas that line the rocky coast near the village.

Portofino Ligurien Italien

Portofino Ligurien Italien

The beautiful natural harbor is surrounded by many popular restaurants and bars, and in the summer the anchorage is full of the superyachts of celebrities.

Portofino Ligurien Italien

There is a beautiful walk out to the narrow peninsula that separates the harbor from the Golfo Paradiso, as this part of Ligurian sea is called. The hill features a medieval castle and a lighthouse with offers a great view across the gulf back to the Riviera.

Portofino Ligurien Italien

Portofino Ligurien Italien

Portofino Ligurien Italien

Portofino Ligurien Italien

Portofino Ligurien Italien

The price of the apartments in Portofino is said to be a million Euro per window. But it is hard to imagine to live in a more beautiful place, as especially the late afternoon light is like liquid gold, inspiring the many poets who lived here.

If you ever visit Genoa or the Ligurian Riviera, make sure you make a stop in Portofino.

Have a great week!


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  1. Amazing photos of an amazing place.I was there a month ago and the small details you have given in your post helped to fill in a few blanks for me. Thanks! It must have been lovely to have lived on the Ligurian Coast.So beautiful.So inspiring.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment, glad you like it! And we loved living in Liguria so much. Returning there is always a bit like returning home! Have a good week! Marcus

  2. I visited Portofino many years ago, the place is stunningly beautiful.

    The third photo down was the setting for one my favourite movies ‘Enchanted April, based on the book by Elizabeth von Arnim ‘The Enchanted April’.

    I must get my friend to come take a look at this post as I’ve raved to him about Portofino, the book and the film, many times.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks, Marion, much appreciated. The Ligurian Riviera is indeed so much worth a visit and can be easily reached via the airports of Genoa and Pisa. Have a good week as well! Marcus

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