Street Photography Quick Tip (2)

Com-Muter | Stockholm | 2016

Street Photography Quick Tip 2 – Another way to shoot inconspicuously

In time for the weekend here is the  second edition of my Street Photography Quick Tips. Some short, easy to read and easy to use tips that I think could help you while shooting in the streets. Today’s post is another tip for shooting inconspicuously. If you want to find out how, continue reading after the jump.

Sometimes it is difficult to shoot someone in an inconspicuous way. If you want to take a candid street portrait and you fear objection or that the atmosphere of the image changes once the subject is aware of being photographed, try this approach:

Preset your camera to center point AF (or zone focus) and shoot at f8 to ensure plenty depth of field. Hold your camera in front of your stomach with one hand, ready to press the shutter. With the other hand, hold your phone. Pretend to check something on it while having your camera aimed at your subject without looking at it. Shoot!

If you have an App on your phone that wirelessly controls your camera, this could be even easier as you can properly compose looking at your phone’s display.

This is a proven method I often employ and typically fare quite well with. Take your cam, go out and practice. And have fun!

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  1. thank you for offering these tips…I’m in that awkward realm that one enters when she steps out of the comfort zone. In time…in time…

    1. Practice, practice…you need to think that stepping out of the comfort zone is the only way to stay interested and have real fun…that’s at least what I tell myself all the time 😉 Marcus

  2. What if your camera makes an obnoxious click when you take a photo, like mine does? I’m always hesitant to do candid or street photography because of this. I’d appreciate any tips you have!!

    1. As said before, as I’m shooting mirrorless all my cameras can be set to fully silent. That goes for the Ricoh GR II as well as my two Olys (PEN-F and E-M1). If you shoot with a DSLR/SLR there is no way you can avoid the noise of the mirror when it flips up. If you see something where you need to be stealthy why don’t you use your mobile phones camera, also those can be set to fully silent. Hope this helps.

  3. Question: if you’re as close to your subject as in the above picture, and the person does not wear ear plugs – won’t they be alerted to what you’re doing by the click of your camera? Or can you switch that off on your camera?

    1. As I’m shooting mirrorless all my cams can be set to fully silent. That goes for the Ricoh GR II as well as my two Olys (PEN-F and E-M1). I just need to make sure the AF-assist light on the front is turned off as well 😉….

      1. OK that explains it 🙂 It looks like my Nikon doesn’t have a real shut-off, just a quiet mode where the mirror moves slower. Oh well – I have to use some of your other tricks then 🙂

  4. This is one of the most useful methods I’ve found too. I have an old flip phone that no longer works and if I find a good background and need to wait for someone to walk into the shot I conduct an imaginary conversation into the phone…..looks less suspicious than just loitering with a camera in my hand.

  5. Good tip, another trick I like to do is to find a good spot for a coffee, sat outside and shoot as and when an interesting subject walks past. Not many people notice the guy sat down having a coffee with his camera on the table 🙂

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