Rainy Streets

Rainscape | Nuremberg | 2016

My son asked me to post this photograph as this was his favorite image of my Saturday Street Shoot in rainy old town Nuremberg. These are reflections of Nuremberg’s Sankt Lorenz Church and of a Bratwurst Hut on the wet cobblestones of the Karolinenstrasse.

I photographed this puddle reflections with the Ricoh GR II down on my knees in pouring rain to the amusement of the passing shoppers who must have wondered about this crazy guy who took photos of a puddle.

I then flipped the image in Lightroom and worked a bit with curves, increased saturation and clarity.

Next up is an “Instant Inspiration” about puddle shooting 😉

Have a great day!


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  1. Hammer IDee und Umsetzung, ich würde fast soweit gehen und meinen, dass mir diese Aufnahme bisher am besten gefällt! Einfach weil ne Menge Kreativität und Sinn für Kunst drinsteckt. Applaus, Applaus!!! 😉

  2. I love this shot! I myself am in a bit of a block at the moment…. my last midnight shoot went good but we haven’t seen the sun, nor the Northern Lights in weeks now. Everything is white and grey. I want to shoot the sunrise!! I want cooooold, as in minus 30°C.

    1. Thanks 😊! Just read in the paper that up north it is way to warm and the arctic winter ice is not properly building up…wish you the cold ☃️! I dream of seeing Nothern Lights one day !!!

      1. Yes, it is not NEARLY cold enough…. it has been snowing but it is the wet and heavy snow which means the ice on the lakes does not set. We have 4000+ lakes in our area, we really need these to freeze decently. The ice as it is will hold people, probably also snowmobiles but there is about 30 cm on top of the ice… and then the snow on top which isolates and prevents this water from freezing…. yepp, really want the cold. (sorry for my little rant… 🙂 )

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