A penny for his thoughts

In thoughts

In Thoughts | Kronach | 2016

The job that pays my bills has me fully absorbed in a major project. On one side that’s great. The downside is too much time away from home and right now no time to shoot. Not even a tiny little bit. After a fifteen hour work day there is only a chance for a quick dive into last years archive before I call it quits.

This photo I took at the Kronach Light Festival last year. This is what I wished for during the day. To take a quick timeout from the meetings, sit for a few minutes in a quiet, spiritual place, thoughts drifting, eyes gazing around, unwinding a bit, reloading the battery, then back to work with new strength. My cold is still bothering me. As much as the many photographic projects I have on my mood board and that will have to wait.

Image taken with the Olympus PEN-F and the mZuiko 17mm f/1.8 with 1/30 sec and f/1.8 at ISO1600, handheld, jpeg out of camera, cropped to 4×6 ratio in Lightroom. The PEN-F generates excellent jpegs as you can see. Besides cropping I did not touch this image in post processing.

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  1. What a stunning photograph, wow. I love the light and I’m sure it had to have been a sight to behold.
    I’m sorry your slavery job is keeping you so busy right now, I’m no stranger to how that feels. Especially when you’re sick and all just takes so much longer to get over. Try to get as much rest as possible and know that while you are missed on here, we wills till be here when you are feeling splendid again. Many hugs and healing vibes sent your way.

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    1. Thanks so much, it means so much to me that you care, my friend. The ramp-up phase of a project is always stressful, once all is set up and planned things will be back to “normal”, just with lots of traveling involved. Slowly the cold receeds, so I should be good by the time I get into the airplane (6:15 am Sunday morning 😡) for my Westcoast/Texas trip next week. I’ll take my archive, so I can post, even when taking new photos is difficult right now 📷😉. Have a good evening/night! Hugs from the deepfrozen Frankonian tundra ☃

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      1. It’s frozen here too with the next round of snow on the way. No more drought and it’s officially been announced.
        I’m glad you are slowly starting to feel better and cold is receding. But that early at the airport is true torture my friend and I hope you can nap on the plane a bit.
        Hang in there, times will slow down again and thank god for those archives to keep us,my our fans happy.
        Have a safe safe trip and sending best wishes and hugs your way.

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  2. Great post! I know the feeling, the job that pays the bills never seems to leave any time for shooting 🙂 Worse, some dust found its way under the sensor in my camera–day 12 without a camera! Feels like I’ve lost a hand. Hope you shake the cold soon!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Jean. For whatever technological reason my Olympus m4/3 cameras have no problems with dust on the sensor. And I change lenses a lot. When I still used my Nikon I had to send it to cleaning at least once a year. I feel with you and hope you get it back soon!

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    1. Thanks, Holly! I get itchy when I can’t get out with my cam. I need this creative outlet to compensate. But once the project is ramped up things hopefully will be back to normal. And with the coming spring the days get longer, that also helps. Plus, I count on the many new things to discover in Portland (the project is in Wilsonville, to be specific), the Columbia River and Mt. Hood. Really looking forward to it! Marcus


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