Reinhold Söder | + 19 January 2012

5 years ago to this day my father-in-law lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

He was a loving husband, father and grandfather, a great friend for so many. An Elementary School Principal, he was passionate about his school and “his” children. He was very engaged in his church community. He was a passionate traveler and photographer. He was someone to look up to. He is missed, every day. He continues to live in his daughters and his grandchildren. In our hearts and memories. And he is watching from above.

This is my 100th post on the Streets of Nuremberg. It is a coincidence. This blog is about photography. But this blog is also a bit about life. It couldn’t have been a better 100th post.



  1. The five years remembrance touches me. When our father died suddenly, it was surprising and shocking. After the time of mourning, visiting the family grave five years afterwords, I felt that his life was and has been fulfilled, even though he died early, and this thought was a relieve to me.
    Good wishes.

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  2. He sounded like an extraordinary man who has touched the life of many. What a great honor, I’m sure you have touched his heart as he continues to walk amongst us as an angel. I get the feeling he would be very proud as you are quiet an extraordinary man yourself and I can only repeat over and over how honored I am to consider you a very good friend. Thank you…❤️

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  3. Marcus, that is a beautiful tribute to your father- in- law! He was an extraordinary man!!!

    And your blog is amazing! I am always waiting for your next post. Thank you that you are here!

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  4. Pancreatic cancer is a swift and remorseless killer. I’ve lost some dear friends to this, and it hurts to think how quickly they passed from being hearty and healthy with decades of useful life ahead, to being weak, trying to accept their burden, and ultimately failing under the load.

    As you note, your father continues to live in the hearts of those who knew him, and that is a small comfort. He certainly had an influence on you; I’m fresh to your blog and finding it perceptive, creative and inspirational.

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  5. How beautifully written, he certainly must have been a wonderful man and role model – and all credit to you as well Marcus for being able to pen such a fitting tribute and not even in your native language. With Kind Regards on this anniversary and your 100th blog post, Marion.

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