Classic Cars

Oldtimers Classic Cars
1/80 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 92mm

The other weekend, my Dad and I went to a Classic Car exhibition in the Nuremberg Trade Fair. Big Boy got us the tickets, and it was a great opportunity to escape the Covid dullness and do something special. Not that I’m too much into cars. But they are sure fun to photograph. Especially when they are Classic Cars. So I grabbed my Olympus OM-D E-M1X with the mZuiko 12-100 F/4 with the intention to shoot some details of the exhibited cars. Click the link below to see some resulting images.

1/15 sec | f/11 | ISO 400 | 100 mm

The setting in a trade fair hall is not very photogenic, so I was from the start focusing on capturing details and reflections from the gazillion of lights in the roof construction, but avoiding the clutter of the cars, unclean background and mingling visitors and car owners. And actually, capturing details and reflections is something I really love to do.

1/80 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 100 mm
1/80 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 100 mm
1/160 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 100 mm
1/10 sec | f/9 | ISO 400 | 61mm

Obviously, the different shapes, high contrast details plus the reflections make for great black & white shooting as well.

1/5 sec | f/10 | ISO 400 | 80mm
1/100 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 100mm
1/50 sec | f/8 | ISO 400 | 66mm
1/100 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 50mm
1/80 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 100mm
1/10 sec | f/13 | ISO 1600 | 61mm
1/8 sec | f/8 | ISO 1600 | 54 mm
1/40 sec | f/4 | ISO 400 | 100mm

My Dad and I had a great time strolling through the rows of the Classic Cars on display. I’m not providing any details of the cars, as I was only interested in photographing them. Design is more of interest to me than horsepower 😉
I was amazed by the insane asking prices for these cars. And add to that the costs maintaining on of those beauties. So no thanks from my side.

Before anyone asks, I’m driving a 2016 Mazda MX5 (a.k.a. Mazda Miata) convertible. This little roadster is my own fun little driving machine – and all I ever need to take me from point A to point B.

All images post processed in Lightroom Classic.

Wish you a great Sunday – and stay safe!


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  1. Great captures there, Marcus. I myself am not much into cars, just having a safe car taking me from A to B is most important to me, but those Oldies are looking really amazing. Looking closely at them I recognized a license plate FFB, which is from a town in Bavaria I know really well. Small world isn’t it.

  2. I love these, even though I don’t know which cars these are. Great angles, colours and reflections.

    1. Hi Bernd, my Dad (also a Bernd) really enjoyed this walk through his early driving past, pointing out and telling the stories of the different cars he himself, his friends or my grandpa was driving. Was really kinda cool.
      All the best, Marcus

  3. I love going to classic car shows–those beauties call my name every time! The light reflections are gorgeous, Marcus. Well captured!

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