Weekly Photo Challenge: Security


When I read the theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Security, I immediately had this street portrait of a Tanzanian Security Guard in mind. He was protecting the entrance of a bank in Moshi, Tanzania. And he loved to pose for my camera. But while scanning over my street photo collection I also found this more subtle interpretation of the theme which I took in the old town of Marseille last year.

Jeune et Heureux
Jeune et Heureux | Marseille | 2016

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of “Security”.

Have a great Thursday!


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28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and wished, Amy 🙂 !! My day wasn’t all that bad 😉 . despite a 2.5h delay of my Portland to Seattle flight they held the international connection long enough for us to make it, so I’ll be home later today, all that counts 🙂 ! Have a great weekend! Marcus

  1. Marcus, two very contrasting interpretations of this week’s challenge. Considering the tension in the world today it seems as if the guard with the rifle is more timely. The image of the couple is much more nostalgic and brings a smile to my face. I’ll take the second for the emotional side of me.

      1. Thanks, Tim, for your kind words. Had some stress while connecting through Seattle due to a late flight, but they held the flight and I was home Saturday night. Yesterday was all relax under a warm sun 🙂 !

      2. Marcus, you’re welcome. Flying can be such a pain. I know your pleased it all worked out well. Also good to know that you got some rest. The jet lag must be taking a tole on you.

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