What’s there and what’s missing

Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud |Berlin | 2017

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Putting a camera in someone’s face takes some getting used to. It is obviously something where you need the consent of the person you are photographing. This image I took with my Olympus PEN-F and the mZuiko 25mm F/1.8, the “nifty fifty” of micro four thirds (due to the m43 crop factor of 2). Which by the way is also an awesome portrait lens, if you are close, like a good arms length away. Image specs are 1/160 sec @ f/3.2 and ISO 200.

This is for sure not the prettiest of street portraits but it shows a couple of things that are important for this kind of photography.  This guy caught my eye, I walked up to him and asked if I could make his portrait. Turns out he is visiting from Montreal, Canada, and he was just looking for a place to eat some typical German food. A win-win for sure. I got to shoot his portraits, he got directions to a place where he could find some good beer and a “Schweinshaxe” (he asked me to type everything in his iPhone).

While we chatted I snapped away. I liked the shot of him best. I had asked him what he liked best about visiting Europe, he closed his eyes and thought hard. Asking people about something (e.g. what they like best about something….where they got their interesting outfit, glasses…what they are doing here, what is their profession…) puts their mind away from being photographed, puts them at ease and tends to draw some interesting poses, face expressions and gestures.

And this what is missing here. I wish he had made a hand gesture, putting his fingers to his face, adding interest to the shot. I didn’t want to ask him to do that, maybe I should have. But then again, I’m just starting this kind of street photography, and I will learn. And you can learn along here on the “Streets of Nuremberg”.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Haha it’s funny and I don’t blame him for asking you to type everything into his phone. Great effort for the shot and although I think this one is great already and you know I’m a big fan, it will be fun to see how this evolves and your techniques become a second nature of comfort.

  2. Great capture! I have a tendency to close my eye when I think as well. I also laugh at myself when I chop food because I can tell that I contort my face in all kinds of ways as if it “helps” with the chopping. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend Marcus! -Amy

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amy 🙂 ! My wife always says I do funny faces when I try to park the car. I guess we all have our moments. Weekend was nice but super busy. We are preparing our big girl’s new apartment downtown, so much work, no time for photography. I can’t believe she is about to move out…

  3. Have a great weekend too Marcus. Just driven over to Manchester this morning for a spot of Christmas shopping and we witnessed our first snow of the winter as we crossed the moors! Marion

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