Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

Solitude | Cremona | 2016

I’m getting the hang of these photo challenges.  This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme “Solitude”. And I can once again match that with fun of my Street Photography photographs. Well, “street” is relative, as this image was taken inside a church in Italy. For me this is a perfect representation of solitude.

For me solitude is nothing negative. I don’t mind being alone at times. I’m alone a lot when traveling on business, at least while in the hotel in the evenings. But I’m at peace with that. Those evenings I spend with a good book or with photography. There are always photos I need to work on, there are blogs to read or blogposts to write. Sometimes I grab my cam and head out on the hunt for some new images. Perhaps I’m at ease when alone because I have a family and friends I can return to.

I acknowledge there are many that have no one to turn to. And those might hate being alone.

Photo taken with my Olympus PEN-F at 1/20 sec @ f/5.4 and ISO 1600. Lens was the mZuiko 14-150mm f/4.0-5.6 Travel Zoom. Monochrome conversion in Lightroom CC.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. love the shot, perfect for the challenge…
    true, solitude is not something negative, especially when it makes us appreciate being together with our loved ones 🙂
    have a wonderful week ahead, Marcus 🙂

  2. Marcus, I missed this post somehow. That is a very interesting challenge. I like the theme Solitude. I also never thought that being alone is negative.

    This is one great photograph and I like it a lot!

  3. Nice capture Marcus, I also feel the same regarding being alone, as long as there is family and home to go back to. Ha ha as you say, there are always photos to sort through, have a great weekend, Lynne 🙂

      1. Yeah it’s funny how two different images of a man alone can give you such different feelings about them. I didn’t see the guitar player as alone so much- but this man, yes. You’re doing a great job at the challenges Marcus. 🙂

      1. Thanks for giving the details. I was wondering how you took the shot without disturbing the subject.

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