A Sunday Haiku

Pensive | Marseille | 2016

A tranquil morning
fish wonder who will eat them
thoughts drift out to sea

Last night I went to a poetry and blues evening with Fitzgerald Kusz reading poems to the legendary blues play of Klaus Brandl. The two Nuremberg cultural greats pulled off an awesome show. After a mega intense work week in Portland this combination of poetry in frankonian dialect and blues really slowed me down and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was never a big reader of poetry. Maybe the combination of music and words did the trick, I was really fascinated by the poems about day to day life scenes. And I loved Fitzgerald Kusz’s frankonian Haikus.

When back home I read about what makes a Haiku and the basic rules. Thanks for the know how the web provides. This morning I wrote my first Haiku. Photography and Haiku is also a combination that could go well together. I believe in cross-pollination !

Don’t be to hard on me 😉 ! Have a blessed and sunny Sunday!


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  1. That grin on my face when i read it!! Great work mate! Loved it

    Hey!! Just one more thing. I am an amateur poet , who is a bit new to this platform .I would really appreciate if you would visit my blog ( The Diary of the fallen soul) and follow me if you like my content.Feel free to refuse though!

      1. You are welcome. Can you please read my poem and feel free to share some suggestions. Thank you ☺

  2. Marcus, I like your little haiku! Especially “thoughts drift out to sea…” And I like very much your picture; it has a wonderful story!

  3. Welcome to the world of haiku paired with photography! I was told it is not usually done but I didn’t listen and love the daily contemplative practice… looking forward to reading more of your poetry! – Viel Spass und viel Glueck!

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