Antelope Canyon in black and white

Rock structures in Antelope Canyon

Arizona’s iconic Antelope Canyon in black and white. Seems a real contradiction. As the Antelope Canyon is an explosion in light and colors. But last weekend I visited an exhibition of renowned nature photographer Norbert Rosing with his breathtaking black and white photographs of nature’s monuments in the West and Southwest of the USA. His photographs are very much inspired by the work of Ansel Adams. They show an inspiring and exciting play of light, contrast and composition, which make these shots quite unique. The exhibition inspired me to look back at my photographs from a tour of the US Southwest back in 2012 and convert some of them from color to black and white. I started with images from amazing Antelope Canyon. I invite you to continue and take a special tour of Antelope Canyon in black and white…

Rock Structures in Antelope Canyon

Rock Textures in Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

Rock textures in Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

Rock structures in Antelope Canyon

Sandflow in Antelope Canyon

Light Rays in Antelope Canyon

Light rays in Antelope Canyon

Selecting the right images for conversion was not easy. And a lot of the images I took ten years ago were abundant with hundred shades of red and orange. The variety of the colors were making the image. As soon as the color was gone, many of the photograph were quite boring. Taking color away reduces the photograph to light, shadow, shapes, texture, contrast and composition. It was a quite interesting exercise to select the photographs best reflecting the just mentioned elements. The elements that make a good black and white image.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the monochrome conversions, leave a comment below.

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  1. Marcus, I have seen many photos of this location, but these are stunning, just remarkable. I love the black and white shots. They are so crisp. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. These are lovely in monochrome. I haven’t done too much with BnW yet but I watched a video in the B and H YouTube series called Seeing in Black and White with Eileen Rafferty and I found it quite educational (for me). Removing tone and dealing in only light and dark, shapes and texture, for me, definitely is a challenge when normally viewing the world in color (which I am drawn to). This is a skill I am definitely trying to get better with. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Extraordinary rock formations, fabulous images. I think you made an excellent selection for converting to black and white, and a fabulous job of processing and presenting them. Great work!

  4. Breathtaking photographs, Marcus! They are Art, beautiful and powerful!
    Absolutely unique and highly creative!
    My very best wishes to you!

  5. Absolutely superb! I’ve seen colour images of Antelope canyon many times and after a while they all look a bit similar. But in black and white there is a whole new dimension to the shapes and tones. The particular images you have selected are all stunning. Fantastic work!

  6. Beautifully converted Marcus! My eyes are drawn to different aspects of the rocks (without the colours vying for attention) and the shaft of light coming through in the last image is especially gorgeous 😊

  7. To light, shadow, shape, texture, contrast, and so on, add flow, which you have captured so well on the images you selected. It’s quite a place, and you’ve represented it well. A very successful exercise, I’d say.

  8. Marcus, these photos are absolutely beautiful! Wow, well done, sir! I’ve heard of this canyon, never been there.

      1. It’s big! The distance between Las Vegas and my home town in Michigan is barely under 2000 miles!

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