Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger

Portland Pearl District
Dangerous Streets | Portland | 2017

Frequent readers probably know that I try to meet the Weekly Photo Challenge from Word Press’ “The Daily Post” with one of my Street Photos. This week’s challenge has the theme “Danger”. Now this is easy to match.

Street Photography is a dangerous genre. Not that you get hit by people who don’t like you take their photo. Actually this is not a problem at all.

The real danger in Street Photography is that you constantly expose yourself to the risk of being run over by a crazy driver – or by a normal driver while you try to take a crazy photograph.

Rough Rider
Rough Rider | Marseille | 2016

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Great shot, Marcus. You’re totally right. Taking photo could be a risk works. I remember I read somewhere on BBC about one of tourists got attacked by Komodo (dragon living in Indonesia) due to taking photos of Komodo so closed…

    1. That sounds dangerous, Nurul, on the other hand I did not feel safe photographing Lions who just killed a Buffalo from close proximity in South Africa once….maybe I need to do a post about that 😉

  2. Oh dear, thats so very true, all thought of safety go out the window, when you see a shot you must take 🙂 Both great captures, but that motorbike rider looked like he had the devil in him 🙂

    1. Thanks, Thomas, for taking the time to comment. Actually, the driver saw me and waited patiently, because she wanted to park in the spot where I was kneeling 😉

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