Pink Mountain

Mount Hood's summit glowing red after the sunset
1/160 sec – f/5 – ISO 200 – 57 mm

After arriving safely in Portland just after lunch, I went directly to the office for a half day shift. The good thing is, the USA already is on daylight savings time, adding an hour of light in the evening. That way I made it out of the office and up to the Pittock Mansion viewpoint just prior to sunset around 7pm for a quick sundowner shooting session with a pink mountain, prior to succumbing to 24 hour travel- and work day.

Portlands skyline and Mount Hood glowing golden in the sunset
1/800 sec – f/8 – ISO 200 – 75mm

Pittock Mansion and its park sits on a hilltop west of the downtown of Rose City. The park providing for spectacular views of the city below and Mount Hood behind. This early in the year, the snow capped 11.250 foot summit of the majestic stratovolcano really glows in the rays of the setting sun. And Portland is having some crystal clear days with spring like temperatures while the sun is up.

People watching pink Mount Hood from Pittock Mansion
1/160 – f/4.5 – ISO 200 – 61 mm

That said, in the evening the wind was really blowing up the hill, giving me a hard time taking this handheld photos with my OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100mm. But because of the great image stabilization I was still getting sharp images with a one second shutter speed, despite the heavy wind.

Downtown Portland Oregon by night
1 sec – f/4 – ISO 320 – 100 mm

I spend a good part of one hour up there, taking in the changing light of this stunning panorama with a pink mountain in the background. On Wednesday the super moon will rise just to the left of this scenery. If I make it out of the office on time I might just go back up there. The rising super moon could make for an awesome photo opportunity.

Illuminated downtown Portland and Mount Hood in the Blue Hour
1/6 sec – f/4 – ISO 800 – 75 mm

Wish you a great Tuesday!


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  1. Absolutely stunning these pictures. We do live in a wonderful state. Your pictures help me to reflect and appreciate Portland and Oregon even more. Thanks for sharing on your blog!

  2. Fantastic shots, Marcus! I especially like that beautiful pink-blue frame with the silhouettes in the foreground — the figures add even more interest to an already beautiful scene.

    1. Thanks, Howard, the Rose City always treats me well. It was a one of those rare clear days! Looks like it was the only one on this trip, hasn’t been the same yesterday and today.

  3. These are seriously beautiful photos Marcus! And the pink mountain, how beautiful. 👍🏻😍🙏🏻

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