Recognition for the “Streets of Nuremberg”

Today I received a surprising e-mail. The “Streets of Nuremberg” have been selected by the panelists of Feedspot as one of the Top 75 Street Photography Blogs on the web. I made the list ranking 30th, which is all the more humbling as this list really features the “who’s who” of renowned Street Photography blogs, many of which I visit frequently.

Since I started the “Streets of Nuremberg” in January 2016, this blog has grown to 2.765 followers with an average of 160 views a day.

This would not have been possible without my readers, many of whom have become friends. And it is an obligation to continue bringing you my experiences and tips around Street- and Travel Photography.

Make sure you also frequently check out my  Learning Center with all my free tips, tutorials and inspirations around photography!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. What a wonderful accomplishment, Marcus. Congratulations! And thanks for the reminder about your Learning Center. I am also self-taught and suffer from GAS. I just upgraded to all of the same equipment as you use and I know I can learn a lot from you.

  2. How cool is that,Marcus!.Congratulations to the great recognition. Your blog is still an inspiring source in photography and visual telling. I always enjoy your post. Keep going on your great work.

  3. Marcus, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am happy, very happy for you. You are the master of street photography and you share with us so much.

    A warm hug.

  4. I think that is well deserved. It was (and still is) your images and thoughts on Street Photography that got me following your blog in the first place and keeps me coming back.

  5. Congratulations Marcus, I couldn’t be more pleased! A deserved recognition for an extremely good website that is all to improve our photography skills and enjoy viewing your stunning photos. Kindest regards, Marion.

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