Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian


Home Run

Home Run | Munich | 2016

This week’s Word Press’ Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC) has the theme “pedestrian“, which is obviously a home game for street photographers. For a variety of street images featuring pedestrians continue after the jump…

Omnipresent Pedestrians

Skywalkers | Marseille | 2016

Backlit Pedestrians_

Subway Rush | Fürth | 2017


Pedestrian through a weel

Behind the Wheel | Berlin | 2016

Fake Pedestrians_

Faceless Pedestrians | Tokyo | 2017

A Gazillion Pedestrians_

Shibuya Crossing | Tokyo | 2017

Busy Pedestrian

Geometries | Nuremberg | 2017

Silhouette Pedestrian

Alleymen | Genoa | 2016

Get out of my way

Get our of my way | Cremona | 2016

A Swedish couple kissing

Scandinavian Kiss

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek | Nuremberg | 2016

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  1. You are right,with this particular theme street photographers can pull out hundreds and thousands of pictures. Love the variety in your shots. My favorite ones are Scandinavian Kiss, Geometries, behind the wheel! all for different reasons…composition, timing…simplicity! Great work, Marcus!

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