Why you should never be without your camera

Allerheiligen Schenna 03

Remembrance | Schenna | 2017

What is the cardinal sin of a photographer? Not having his camera on him/her at all times.

Using the double public holiday week for a short getaway my significant other and me took to the roads and headed down south to the Italian Alps to spend a few days in Schenna near Meran, in Alto Adige province.

Dinner at our hotel was as excellent, the 5 course menu taking us to the limits. This obviously caused the inevitable, with the significant other asking for an after dinner walk. So we headed down into the historic village below the magnificent castle, to the impressive church sitting on top of a small hill surrounded by a grave yard.

Today, November 1st, is All Saints Day, a religious fest where the faithful remember their death (see yesterdays Halloween post). Custom is to light candles on the graves. So when we entered the grave yard, we were greeted by a sea of mostly red candles, casting a magnificent atmosphere across the deserted cemetery.

And what did I not bring along? You guessed it right. Consoling myself that I could return tomorrow and hoping the big candles would still be alight tomorrow, I pulled out my iPhone 6 and did the best I could to capture the magic of the moment.  For a couple more photos from that beautiful scenery, continue after the jump…

Allerheiligen Schenna 02

All Saints Night | Schenna | 2017

Allerheiligen Schenna 04

All Saints Night | Schenna | 2017

So take note of another repeat of this most important Lessons Learned for photographers: ALWAYS BRING YOUR CAMERA!

Why the iPhone can do during daylight, it is not the strongest backup camera during nighttime. Although you could argue, the best camera is the one you have with you….

Allerheiligen Schenna 01

Castle | Schenna | 2017

Oh, this by the way is the view from our hotel room balcony for the next four days 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. I learned that lesson this weekend. Some of the pictures that I took with the iPhone 6 just did not turn out the best. Its frustrating knowing that you will most likely not be able to get the chance to shoot that shot again. That is why “you should never be without your camera.”

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  2. Jaja, die Wahl der Kamera 😉 Ich bin niemals glücklich mit meinen IPhone Fotos (Ausnahme allerdings die Panorama Funktion, die ist der Hammer!!)… Ansonsten nutz ich das Smartphone echt nur für Schnappschüße. Ich überleg ja immer noch, ob ich mir noch ne anständige Kleine Cam zuleg, mal schauen 😉

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  3. Even with the iPhone these are great pictures. This is the bad or good about the smartphones…you DO have a camera with you….but it diminishes the value of “the real cameras”.
    Funny – you are not too far away from where I live…BZ… Enjoy your time – Alto Adige is beautiful and exploding with colors at the moment. Your photo/view out of your window captures this very well! Almost magical!

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Claudia, much appreciated! We really have a good time, yesterday with a Mountain Hike and today strolling through the Streets of Meran. You are privileged to live in this gorgeous area! Good it is only a 4 hour drive, so we can come often 😉


  4. I ALWAYS have a camera with me, I refuse to leave home without having a device on me that can take photos. I always have my iPhone on me so if I’m out and about not really planning on taking pictures in my local area then my phone is good enough. But if I ever travel beyond that like a new place or anywhere that isn’t my town, you can guarantee there is a camera in my bag. I might not use it all the time or it might not be needed but I would rather have it with me than miss a ‘what if’ photo opportunity.

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    1. Way to go, Adell, the spirit of a passionate photographer 🙂 I couldn’t believe I was to lazy to get my cam before going out. I returned the next day, but is wasn’t like that special night again. Good I at least had my iPhone. Have a great weekend! Marcus

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