When life is grey make it colorful

Wordless | Nuremberg | 2018

Yesterday afternoon the significant other and myself headed into downtown for some shopping, where I brought my GR II to at least get a few snapshosts of Nuremberg street life. It was a really grey and drizzly day, so a good opportunity to turn on the vivid color program on the Ricoh and snap away at colorful shop windows. I shot in P-Mode, resulting in shutter speeds between 1/40 and 1/60 sec, an aperture of f/3,2 and ISO 100.

Shopper's Geometry
Shopper’s Geometry | Nuremberg | 2018
Casual Observations
Casual Observations | Nuremberg | 2018

Storefront windows are aways a good background to capture passing shoppers. Especially when they are decorated with bright colors, then it is up to you to just stand there and waiting for the right things to happen.

Last week the “Streets of Nuremberg” had their second blogaversary. My little blog has grown to almost four thousand followers in those two years. This is the 323rd post. So I guess the concept is right. Thanks to all of my readers and followers for a great journey, the interaction with all of you and the many (virtual) friendships that came out of this is the best part of my blogging!

I wish everyone a happy and colorful Sunday!


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  1. The second pic….devastatingly beautiful! Something about it gives me goose flesh… almost like the windows and the road is stretching across to eternity! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your blogiversary Marcus!!! I love these captures. How awesome that somebody would be carrying a yellow bag to add even more to your shot.

  3. Congratulations on your blogaversary! Great job with catching eye-catching street shots as always!

      1. Hallo Reinhold, sorry für den Legasthenie Kommentar, hatte ich auf mich bezogen, bei meinen ständigen Englischfehlern. Kommt davon, wenn man in der Hektik auf dem Handy die Kommentare nicht richtig liest 😉

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