10 Day Photography Challenge – Day 1

You serious?

I’ve made it safely to Portland, and for this of you who read yesterday’s post, I got into my hotel by 10 pm, which made it a 27 hour travel and work day. But after a sound 6 hours sleep (which is good, considering the jet lag effects) I’m ready to tackle today’s challenges. Talking about challenges, today is Day 1 of Cassia’s 10 Day Photography Challenge.  Today’s topic is “A portrait”.

Well , that’s not overly difficult for a street photographer. Take the camera, walk up to the first interesting looking person and ask if I can make her portrait. This young lady is a visitor from Korea. Sure she was initially puzzled by the question from a total stranger, but then I got the (almost always) usual answer “yes, why not?”, and while starting to talk I snapped away. I don’t exactly remember at what point she gave me that surprised look, but it is the photo I liked the most, as I always try to capture some emotions in the faces, like a thoughtful stare into the distance, a funny face or, like here, an expression of surprise.

Check out the blogs of the other participants: Cassia (our host),  Susan, ArianaJennaGracie, Arabella

Tomorrow’s topic is “Something Red”. I already have something my mind 😉

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Have a great Thursday!


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28 thoughts on “10 Day Photography Challenge – Day 1

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  1. So glad to hear you settled in ok after your long slog, Marcus (if six hours’ sleep can be called “settling”). And hats off to you for this first image in your 10-day challenge — it’s a gem!

      1. Congratulations on being awake at lunchtime, Marcus! 😀 (Isn’t it funny the things we get excited about when we’re battling jet lag?)

  2. It’s good to hear that despite all that hectic travel you are still up for photography with same enthusiasm. Great capture, Marcus!

      1. Then I think we share this, Marcus! 🙂
        My eyes are always looking for a “frame”. Roving eye syndrome, you can say 😉

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