10 Day Photography Challenge – Day 2

Red Star Rising
Red Star Rising | Amsterdam | 2018

We are on to Day 2 of Cassia Denner’s 10 Day Photography Challenge, with today’s theme being “Something Red”. Well, technically my entry is multicolored, but when walking up to this bar scene I knew I had to get that shot of the bright red star on the green wall while connecting through Amsterdam Shiphol the day before yesterday, already with the challenge topic “red” in mind.

This is one of the examples where everything comes together, colors (green and red are complimentary, sitting on opposite sides of the color wheel) and a multi element composition (rule of thirds, leading lines, and you could argue to see a Fibonacci spiral from the black star to the wall red star to the counter top red star curving on the bottom up to the guest sitting leaning over to the bar top).

Image specs are 140 sec @ f/2,8 and ISO 200, shot in P-Mode with my Ricoh GR II.

Today at 1:20 pm my flight back to Amsterdam and eventually Nuremberg takes to the sky again, after exactly 50 hours on the ground in the Rose City. I should be back home in time for a late Saturday breakfast.

I wish you all a great Friday!


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  1. Just bumped into your blog after following the Beloved links, I really like it! Your photos are awesome and your words as well. And you have an excellent blog name.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I love this composition. I enjoy shots with reflection. Mine tend to be in water, of course. We visited the Hard Rock Cafe while in Amsterdam and I just had to get Heineken on draft because it’s in a bottle over here. 🙂 Safe travels and a great weekend!! -Amy

    1. Thanks Cassia, happy you like it! Oh by the way, our Nuremberg soccer team won its match today 3:0, my wife just told me. Must have been your good luck red and black shirt 🙂 !! I’m flying back home now, but still need to find an instrument for tomorrows post 😉 ! Wish you a great weekend! Marcus

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