I wanna be loved by you

Love Attack
Love Attack | New York City | 2018

Those commuters for sure seem totally ignorant about that love attack from their right side. Or maybe nobody dares to look anymore? I took this is the new subway station below the Oculus near the new World Trade Center. Image specs are 1/125 sec @ f/4 and ISO 250. After RAW conversion I corrected the white balance in Lightroom CC, so it correctly shows the white marble of the station, not the yellowish color that the automatic white balance gave me. A good example why shooting RAW makes so much sense, when it comes to correcting the white balance in post processing. No chance to get this straight in jpg. While the AWB typically does well outside, indoors with artificial light in often is lost.

Another point fo discussion in this image is whether to clone out the tubes of the roof construction that are visible in the top right. Cropping does not work here, as you would lose the leading lines of the walkway and the electronic billboard. So either leave them where there are, or take the work laborious approach to clone them out, without disrupting the lines of the marble tiles. I decided to leave them. Although a bit of a disturbance of the otherwise clean composition, the eye doesn’t really notice them. I would be interested in your opinions, leave them in the comment section.

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  1. I think the tubes are fine. I think it’s interesting the brightness of the lips contrasted with the fact that everyone is in black . I also found it interesting that the ad says “neutral territory”

  2. I’m a bit of an outlier, but I actually like the tubes in the corner of the frame! For my eye, they add some balance — a bit of counterpoint, if you will — to the busy-ness in the opposite corner of the frame. But with or without the tubes, it’s a great image.

  3. My eyes went straight to the lips, then the contrasting colours of lips and people. Fab picture, I really love this. Didn’t notice the tubes at first, but I think the angles balance out ok and complete the image.

  4. I’m learning to value those little things like those tubes. There was a time I cloned every thing out. But the add another layer of context, and the make the space three dimensional

  5. the tubes don’t take anything away from the photo, but removing the tubes would clean the photo up. Great photo Marcus!

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