1. I like very much that you are having fun, Marcus! And I like very much the mugs with your logo. The idea is having fun is actually very creative! I hope that you someday will post a picture of your T-Shirt with your logo.

    And you are not crazy! You are creative!

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  2. If I were a street shooter I’d want something I could easily hand out.

    I made business cards for my roads hobby, because I bump into people all the time who wonder what the hell I’m doing standing on the side of the road taking pictures. Having that to hand out usually eases any tensions.

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  3. That is super awesome and I’m soooo excited for you. I have used vista print too recently and ordered business cards. A hiking friend I never met but who has written several books now, hiking the entire Appalachian trail and the Pacific crest trail has given me a trail name. I will soon post about this but I ordered business cards with my blog name and the trailname combined. Hahaha and I explored also what else I want to do with it. Only thing that held me back was a few minor changes I wanted to make. So here too my friend, I join you in your vision and excitement. 😉

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