Alpine Dreams

Alpine Caribbean | Switzerland | 2018
Alpine Caribbean | Switzerland | 2018  | 1/200 sec @ f/9 and ISO 200

I’m back in the corporate rat race after a great weekend in Switzerland. After I finally made it to Zurich on Friday night to reach my family, we did spent an awesome weekend with friends, doing a great trip into the mountains on Saturday and for some well deserved chilling on Sunday. For more photographs and some location infos of this Caribbean like mountain lake as well as a peek into the “Little Swiss Grand Canyon” continue after the jump…

Alpine Caribbean | Switzerland | 2018
Cauma Lake | Switzerland | 2018 | 1/100 sec @ f/10 and ISO 200

We did a nice hike around the mountain village of Flims, about a 90 minute drive from Zurich. First stop was Lake Cauma, located south of  Flims in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It lies at an altitude of approximately 997 m, has seasonally fluctuating water levels and can be easily accessed by a specially built funicular railway, if you want to avoid a small downhill hike. The color of the water is absolutely breathtaking, and reminds more of lush Caribbean waters than a cold alpine lake. Still, the boys all hopped into the water for a refreshing swim, while I did some creative shooting.

Alpine Reflections
Alpine Reflections | Switzerland | 2018 | 1/160 sec @ f/10 and ISO 200

The hike continued along beautiful mountain meadows with an abundance of flowers and orchids, and the playful nourishing of the dancing butterflies was a fun thing to watch.

Alpine Dream | Switzerland | 2018
Alpine Dream | Switzerland | 2018 | 1/2500 sec @ f/4 and ISO 200
Fast Food
Fast Food | Switzerland | 2018 | 1/250 sec @ f/13 and ISO 400
Conn | Switzerland | 2018
Conn | Switzerland | 2018 | 1/200 sec @ f/13 and ISO 200

Then we reached “Il Spir”,  a viewing platform near Conn, south of Flims.  The platform was designed by the Chur architect Corinna Menn and was inaugurated in September 2006. It provides for spectacular views of the Rhine river below. The gorge of the Vorderrhein between Ilanz and the mouth of the Hinterrhein near Reichenau, which is up to 400 metres deep, is also known as the “Little Swiss Grand Canyon” and leads through the debris masses of the Flims landslide, that happened about 10.000 years ago.

Rhine Gorge| Switzerland | 2018 | iPhone 8plus

Weather was awesome this past weekend, and after the tour on Saturday we chilled all of Sunday before returning by car to Nuremberg on Sunday evening.

I’m actually looking forward to a three week stint at home (including another short weekend trip to Austria on the coming weekend), before returning to the Pacific Northwest.

All photos (except the last panorama) were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 12-100 mm F/4.

For  tips and inspirations around photography in general check out my free Learning Center.

Wish you a great start into the weekend!


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  1. Oh my goodness Marcus!! The color of that lake is stunning! The scenery looks beautiful. I’m glad to hear that you made it and had a wonderful time. 🙂

  2. Stunning shots, Marcus! From the butterflies to the flowers and those gorgeous shades of turquoise, I loved the diversity of your photos. All that was missing was an Alphorn and the illusion of being there with you would be complete!

  3. Stunning photos as always Marcus. I particularly liked the butterfly on the flower. Whenever I try a shot like this, the butterfly disappears as I take the photo!

  4. How beautiful. And I completely agree with your comments about the colour of the water. Breathtaking

    On a separate note I’ve gone fully Olympus. Have traded in my d7100 and brought the 60mm 2.8 and the 75-300. I’m so glad I took your advice in December. Thankyou.

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