Positive side effects

Pretty Woman in a restaurant in Nuremberg Old Town

Who would have thought that Covid has some positive side effects. And I’m not talking global effects, like blue skies without contrails, clean city air and coast lines that see sea life returning. To compensate reduced occupancy due to distancing requirements, the City of Nuremberg allowed restaurants in the Old Town to put tables out on the streets combined with blocking traffic and turning streets into pop-up pedestrian zones.

On the weekend, The Significant Other and I made use of it, enjoying a dinner together with friends in an excellent French Restaurant in a beautiful alley in the Old Town below the magnificent towers of St. Sebald Church.

I took this photograph of my beautiful wife with the Leica M and the Elmarit-M F/2.8 28mm. Image specs are 1/25 sec @ f/3.4 and ISO 3200. The Leica handles the ISO quite well, the only challenge was to manually focus the rangefinder to make sure her profile is sharp. Who says a 28mm isn’t suitable for portraits? There is nothing like the smooth rendering of the Leica lenses shot wide open.

Do you have similar positive side effects from Corona? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great Tuesday and stay safe!


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  1. I suppose your travels have vanished. This is one positive I can think of. Previously, you traveled so much to the US.

      1. I know. This is not usual but at least we had opportunity to experience what we couldn’t. Blessing in disguise?

  2. Beautiful capture of a beautiful lady. I don’t need to know her personally to see the glow and radiance coming from her and I am so happy for you both to have has that special time out.

  3. How lovely. The experience of no traffic and blue skies, clear seas and quiet was great but realize that the world is built on commerce.
    Many people have really discovered their own locality.
    Latterly it has been very difficult on Hayling Island as crowds come to the sea.

  4. Spending more time reading and being outdoors has definitely been beneficial! Enjoying more local tourist destinations has been great as well…appreciating what’s just around the corner 🙂

  5. I’ve been back to writing on Word Press which I hadn’t done for years. I’m placing my novel onto the site for people to enjoy. I’m also spending more time with God. I adopted a dog and am loving being with her.

  6. It’s happening in the US also, tables outside, patrons sitting outside. It’s a beautiful thing, except when it’s too hot or too cold.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! Beautiful portrait. As for positive effects of Covid…I think that, in a very strange way, it’s sort of a blessing in disguise, like hitting the reset button. It has given me the courage to revisit some of those I’ll-get-to-them-someday projects…not sure what’s going to happen in the end, but at least I get to work on something different. Also, and most importantly, I get to spend more time with loved ones. The simple things in life….

  8. More family time has definitely been one of the positive effects of the pandemic! Das ist eine schone foto!

  9. Really nice portrait of your beautiful significant Other. Indeed there were many positive “side effects” of the Covid. Many times I find some wonderful things dropped off at my door, as well I do the same for others who are in need. I feel that people care much more about each others needs and feelings and there is a bigger share of that, not only with friends even with strangers on the street. Thank you for your post, Marcus. Stay safe and happy.

    1. Thanks, Cornelia, your kind words are so much appreciated! And you are right, caring more for each other has for sure been one of the blessings of these difficult times. Stay safe! Marcus

  10. Hallo Marcus,
    dieser Tage war es ein großer Genuss, in Begleitung beim gegenüberliegenden Restaurant “Irrer Elch” zu essen, hier thailändisch, mit den Türmen der Sebalduskirche im Abendlicht.
    Ein Urlaubsabend daheim
    mit schönen Grüßen

    1. Danke, Bernd! Leider beginnt der Herbst, so viele Gelegenheiten zum abends draußen sitzen wird es wohl nicht mehr geben. Aber bis dahin genießen wir die Abende in unserer schönen Stadt! Marcus

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