Travel Day (13)

Color Race
Color Rush | Chicago | 2018

It’s been almost a week since my last post, but it was an intense work week in the Pacific Northwest, that, combined with a bad case of jet lag, left no room for blogging or venturing out with the camera. I had to wait until my return trip to Nuremberg to put the PEN-F and the mZuiko 17mm F/1.8 to work, albeit in one of my favorite connecting locations, Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The colorful tunnel between concourses B and C of ORD Terminal 1 is a great place for some street photography. For a few more photographs taken yesterday continue after the jump….

ORD Airport Tunnel 02
Up, down and upside down | Chicago | 2018

Instead of my usual NUE-AMS-PDX flight with KLM and Delta I was booked NUE-FRA-SFO-PDX on my flight to the Rose City on Monday and PDX-ORD-FRA-NUE for my return flight that started yesterday early morning and got me back home in time for a Saturday breakfast with the family. This routing held several caveats, with significantly longer travel time (I was en route for 21 hours) and having to fly with United Airlines. They are so far behind Delta Airlines, both in quality (or rather lack thereof) of their product, as well as staff friendliness. I flew four legs with them, both in older and newer planes, and it was consistently bad.

ORD Airport Tunnel 01
The Look | Chicago | 2018

On top, on both transatlantic flights, I was blessed with sleepless little babies in the seats next to me. It was much worse than it sounds. Not really for me (ever heard of noise cancelling  in-ear headphones? The top must-have-accessory for the frequent flyer!!), but for their mothers, desperately fighting to put them back to sleep (and probably making it worse), and the neighboring guests without headphones.

ORD Airport Tunnel 05
Color Therapy | Chicago | 2018
ORD Airport Tunnel 04
Anxious to fly | Chicago | 2018

Oh, I watched Isle of Dogs on the flight back, really liked this animation film about a group of dogs who helps a young boy searching for his dog after the whole species is banished to an island after a canine-flu outbreak.

ORD Airport Tunnel 03
Runway | Chicago | 2018

Well, being limited to the 17mm lens I experimented a bit with wide-angle shots of the tunnel, as well as a few close-ups of the passing passengers. Airports are great places to shoot, people generally are in a rush and don’t pay much attention to the photographer crouched down between their legs. At least I got to do a creative workout before the nightflight across the Atlantic and back to Frankfurt.

I’m looking forward to a beautiful summer weekend and two weeks back home on the Streets of Nuremberg before once more returning to Portland for a week.

Will have to catch up with all your comments and blogs.

Wish you all a great weekend!


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  1. Sorry to hear about the rough flights and the jet lag Marcus!! I haven’t made it to rounding up noise-cancelling earphones, but I tend to turn on the classical music station to drown out the conversations (or crying babies). I do love your colorful captures in the airport! I hope that you are having a great week!! -Amy

  2. Great shots, Marcus! I’m always reluctant to pull out my camera in airports (for fear of being detained and questioned) … but you have me rethinking that stance.

  3. O’Hare airport is huge, yet I like it when one has to kill lots of time between connection flights, so much to walk around, especially the little botanical garden at one end, is great.

  4. Such wonderful photos! I would not have thought to crouch down at an airport, with it being so busy and all. But that is exactly your point–they are too busy to notice the photographer. I cannot wait to try this! Thanks for the great tip, Marcus.

  5. Loved the perspective in all these pictures. Probably, I wouldn’t have even thought about this one had I been there. Looks like a great place to capture some Colors. Great set, Marcus

  6. I love the tunnel photos, beautiful work! As little as I fly, I must agree on United Airlines. Enjoy your family time Marcus. 👍🏻😎

  7. Hey streets of Nuremberg the colours are amazing and the composition as well. As for the one in white and black it is epic. I am proud to tell you that this site is now under the management by order of the Peaky foking Blinders( this last phrase is just humour for those who have watched the show Peaky Blinders do not freak out) Have a nice week end, by order of you know who now 🙂

  8. You must be exhausted Marcus. Time for a break I’d say. They’re all fab, but I have to say I like the dog the most. The reflections in the floor and the symmetry make it. It’s a great walkway with the colours and the floor. Enjoy your time with your family

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