Ice Bar Lobby Color | Berlin | 2018

I believe every photographer, when editing the day’s harvest, would for some images ponder the decision whether an image would look better in color or monochrome. For me, this happens mainly with photographs that have a high contrast range, like this scene I took in the Lobby of the Ice Bar Berlin (ever had a drink in an arctic environment?). I was attracted by the harmony of the colors, in addition to the playful lighting effects), so I shot this in color with my PEN-F and the 12mm f/2 prime lens (image specs 1/80 sec @ f/2.2 and ISO 2000). When processing the photo in Lightroom CC Classic, I was seeing the potential for a monochrome conversion, and applied a high contrast preset, that also introduced some grain, mimicking an analogue film (as you see above, the PEN-F has no noise issues at ISO 2000, at least if you keep the image at a reasonable size). I like both version, but if I need to pick one I tend to take the colored version. I would be interested in your views, please comment below.

Ice Bar Lobby Monochrome | Berlin | 2018

I’m back in the Pacific Northwest, but this time for work again. It has been a busy week, thus the lack of posts and opportunities to venture out and shoot in the streets. I’m heading to Seattle for the weekend, so this will change 🙂

Wish you a great Friday


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  1. I love monochrome and black and white pictures. Some skies and clouds always look a little more dramatic. I like it with architecture too. Both of these shots are great, but like you I like the colored version slightly better. Great work as always Marcus.

  2. I think the colors were so great here that I prefer the color one. It depends on the image for me! But it’s an awesome photo either way.

  3. I think the color first drew you to the image and that it was a good instinct. But isn’t it interesting how manipulating an image, like putting it in black and white, makes you see different things in it?

  4. I would have immediately said colour, but the monochrome actually creates something totally different in the way of mood and how I felt. Now I can’t choose, it depends how you would be presenting the picture I suppose.

  5. I love them both, but the color one is more interesting to my eye. Or… I am still in the summer mood where everything needs to be colorful and enthusiastic.

  6. I don’t understand technical details from your post because I am totally novice. I love your photos for what they make me feel. I need time to absorb the whole imagine: the people, the things, the colors……..

  7. I am totally with you, when to decide if a high contrast image might look better in monochrome. Often I am very surprised how much better a monochrome looks like and I am happy of those results, of course it depends on the mood and message of the image. To my surprise it happens sometimes with portraits. In your case I prefer the color image, it sets the mood of this place perfectly. Have a great weekend.

  8. Two images, two absolutely different moods. I like how you played with hard contrast .
    The first image is inviting and joyful, the second invites you to spend some time in another mysterious universe. I like both photographs very much! They are excellent!
    Wish you a nice relaxing weekend in Seattle, Marcus!

  9. What do you want your viewers to see….the mood the colours might create, or do you want them to concentrate on the elements of the image?

  10. I prefer the color version because of visual balance. The BW feels lopsided because of the blank space in the lower left side. In the color version the same space anchors the colors and patterns and seems to ground the composition.

  11. I’m a big fan of monochrome but in this case I prefer the colour image, mainly because of the red / blue / purple colour palette that draws the eye in and gives the bar area and the lights more attention.

  12. This was interesting, Marcus. With the color photo, I immediately was drawn to the blue screen in the center of the photo. In the black and white, I noticed the dots on the right side of the photo. That said, I think my preference would be the B&W.

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