Instant Inspiration (21) – Shoot what attracts your eye

Hands | Portland | 2017

In time for the weekend here is episode 21 of my “Instant Inspirations”, my series for you  if you look for something to overcome “Photographer’s Block”  or simply want to shoot something that you have never tried, or at least not recently.

Not every photo you take needs to make perfect sense. That is, making perfect sense to the outside world. It only needs to please you, make you happy. If someone else likes it, that’s a bonus.

That said, you are not limited to taking “conventional” photos of people, landscape, architecture etc…shoot it all! Whatever visually stimulates you, take a photo of it. Don’t be shy, the limit is only defined by your own taste. Try things out! Let interesting colors, shapes, textures and juxtapositions that catch your eye get your creative juices flowing. Be a visual artist. Go out and experiment and have fun! You only need to please yourself!

The “Hands” shot above I took last night with my iPhone while at dinner with two of my awesome colleagues here in Portland. We were enjoying a fab dinner in a Peruvian restaurant (Andina) in the Pearl District. We were sitting at a copper plated table, and while enjoying wine and great talks I observed my friend Anton lay out the shape of his hand with the chips of the cork from our wine bottle. The mixture of colors, shapes and textures really triggered the desire to take out my iPhone and capture that for my eyes visually appealing scene. Just for myself. And this is what I did. It was my creative moment on an otherwise quite unnerving day of project work, and it made me happy. And this is exactly what photography does for me.

For some more examples of random creativity and links to previous episodes of “Instant Inspirations” continue after the jump…..

Lost shoes
Barefoot | Nuremberg | 2017
Beauty of banal lifes
Banal Beauty | Berlin | 2017
Deranged Doors
Deranged Door | Berlin | 2017
Road Work
Road Work | Portland | 2017
Father and Daughter
Father and Daughter | Hamburg  | 2016

So next time you want to do something against your photographers block or just want to try something new, take your camera  (or smartphone), go out and capture photographs of everything that visually attracts your eyes. Look for shapes, textures, color combinations, whatever visually stimulates you. And remember, as long as your image satisfies you, for whatever reasons, it is an awesome image. You are invited to show your results by posting a link in the comment section. Go out and have fun! Be creative!

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Have a great weekend!


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  1. This is super helpful – i have always enjoyed ‘taking photographs’ as i have begun researching photography and picking up a camera more often i find in my research i see a lot of ‘do’s and don’ts’ your piece really spoke to me about the ‘grey area’ of photography!

  2. I honestly love my smartphone for what you call instant inspiration photos. At least that is what I do with my smartphone. Not too much thinking and technical stuff just pure seeing and clicking. It is almost too easy. 🤫

  3. I love this Marcus. Quite often I take photos that don’t “follow the rules” or “make sense”, but that call to me. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this! -Amy

  4. Marcus, this is another great creative idea. Every time I get inspired by your photographs I want to drive to our downtown to do something creative and then I remember that there isn’t much to photograph there.

    I like how you see things and what you make of them. It always surprises me.

    Wish you a nice and peaceful weekend.

  5. I totally believe in “random creativity,” Marcus. I find it keeps me interested in the photographic journey, fulfills my curiosity about the ‘usually unseen’ aspects of life and changes my focus from the norms of beauty. 🙂

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