In the air again

1/100 sec | f/5.4 | ISO 5000 | 63mm
1/100 sec | f/5.4 | ISO 5000 | 63mm

I’m back in the air, crossing the Northern Atlantic Ocean on my last trip to the Pacific Northwest. For this year, that is. I’m glad I’m flying directly to Portland from Amsterdam,  saving me the hustle of a connection somewhere in the US, which would have been most likely problematic, given the winter weather that has hit many parts of America in the past days. We left Amsterdam with a ninety minute delay due to the late inbound flight from NYC, but will be catching up most of the time, which will put me on the ground in Rose City around noon and in the office around 1:30pm for a good half day of work, before I will hit the pillows after another 24 hour day. But there will be some incentives on this trip, like visiting a Blazers game tomorrow night and spending the weekend on the Oregon coast.

The photograph for this post I took with my OM-D E-M5 with the 14-150mm F/4-5.6. If you look at the image specs (1/100 sec @ f/5.4 and ISO5000), you can imagine that the image was taken in less than ideal light conditions, given the high ISO I needed to dial-in in order to generate the 1/100 sec shutter speed I needed to freeze the action. Can you guess what it is? Let me know in the comments. I will eventually post the solution there…

Wish you a great Tuesday!


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    1. Hi Tammy, haven’t been to DC in ages, but I’d love to do some nighttime photography of the illuminated monuments and on the mall. Go to Instagram and search for #washingtondc, there you find many great night shots as inspiration. As for the technical aspects, I have a post in my Learning Center that covers some points:

      Also search for “Night Photography” in the search field of my blog, there are plenty posts any in many I talk about some how-to stuff.

      You will need a small tripod (like a gorillapod) or simply a beanbag to rest your camera on. For best image quality dial in a low ISO number, and select an aperture like f/11 for max depth of field. Result will be a slow shutter speed, thus the tripod. Use the self timer of the camera to trigger a vibration free exposure.

      If your DSLR has good image stabilization and a good glass attached you might get by shooting hand held. With my Olympus cameras I can shoot 1/5 sec out of the hand and still get sharp images. When trying to shoot handheld at night, I usually shoot in P-Mode with Auto-ISO capped at ISO 1600 and I see where it gets me. Obviously, it also depends on the ambient light.

      Hope this helps a bit! Enjoy DC (I’m definitely envious). Happy Holidays! Marcus

      1. Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate the quick reply. Sadly, due to health conditions I wasn’t able to travel this time but perhaps soon! My hubby always has business there. 🤗

  1. Lots of good suggestions, but it is something completely different. My photograph shows the physical phenomenon of sublimation. Small pieces of frozen carbon dioxide (so-called dry ice) fall into deep blue water and change directly from a solid to a gaseous state of aggregation. This creates relatively large amounts of gas around the ice pieces, which cause them to rotate and then move forward on the water surface like comets in space. Surprising, unpredictable, always different.

    I took the photo in the Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur, the only science center in Switzerland. On an exhibition area of 6,500 square metres, more than 500 experimental stations are available to discover natural phenomena freely and autonomously and to gain new experiences.

    1. Thanks, Marion, the game was awesome and I’m about to head out to the coast, although downpour is forecasted for most of the weekend. But the good thing with coasts are that you never know 😉 Have a splendid weekend! Marcus

  2. I’ve heard that the winter weather was causing a variety of delays. I hope that have a great time at the Blazers game and the Oregon Coast. The photo looks like a hurricane to me.

    1. The Blazers game was awesome, tight until the end and a 109-106 victory. I’m about to head out to the coast now, but in plenty of rain. I posted a comment with what it really is, but I agree, it does look a bit like a hurricane. Wish you a great weekend! Marcus

    1. Thanks, John, appreciate your wishes, and I arrived safely!! It looks like a hurricane, and actually, it is a physics experiment. I posted a comment with what it is exactly. Wish you a great weekend, John! Marcus

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