A concert to remember


Last night I took The Significant Other downtown Nuremberg to visit a concert by the Zurich based Indie-Folk-Pop Band Steiner & Madlaina. I used the opportunity to try my hand at some concert photography using my Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 75mm F/1.8 prime lens. For more info about a truly fantastic show and more images continue after the jump….


Steiner & Madlaina is the Zurich based band of Nora Steiner and Madlaina Pollina. Their band also includes Leonardo Guadarrama, Nico Sörensen and Max Kämmerling. Their music moves between folk and pop. Nora Steiner and Madlaina Pollina got to know each other on the playground of their school, write their songs themselves and just released their first full album “Cheers”. They currently are on tour in Germany and Austria, and last night played a great gig in Nuremberg’s Stereo Club, that was packed to capacity.


Those two young, talented singers and songwriters put up an awesome show, combining their brilliant, perfectly harmonizing voices with the powerful music of their songs. The lyrics, some in English, some in German, tell often critical stories of every day life.


Standing in the third row in front of the stage, I used the 75mm prime (150mm full frame equivalent) to shoot between the heads of the people in front of me. It was quite dark in the small club room, so I needed to crank up the ISO to 3200 in order to get acceptable shutter speeds, and it was a lot of hit and miss, but in the end I got some decent photographs of the performance.









It was truly a great show by this young band that was highly appreciated by the audience, and  it was a fantastic atmosphere for every minute of this intense performance. If you are into Indie-Folk-Pop, Check out their Album “Cheers”. If you live in the area and you have a chance to visit one of their shows you should definitely go, you find the dates on the facebook-page of the band.

Wish you a great Sunday!


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  1. You know what is so funny, Marcus, I almost saw Madlaina build her career as I love the music of her singer/songwriter (actually an Italian/Swiss cantautore) father and she so often appeared on the stage singing a duet with him. Maybe you know him as well: Pippo Pollina. Also her brother/his son, Faber, chose the music path and he is already famous in Switzerland and Germany as I understand. A musically talented family, indeed 🤩✨🤩.

    1. Amazing story, Daniela, and that you are a fan of Pippo Pollina. I love his music, although I never saw him live (as I never saw Faber live). I wasn’t aware of his performing children until I discovered Steiner & Madlaina in a gig on German television and learned about her brother and dad. That said, the music of the two young ladies is totally amazing as well! Thanks for commenting, Daniela, much appreciated! Marcus

      1. Oh, I totally recommend you see him live one day, maybe there is a chance this spring when he is touring with two Bavarian musicians, Martin Kälberer and Werner Schmidbauer, on a tour called Süden II. If you are curious, listen to Süden, the first tour and CD they produced together. I saw them in Regensburg playing it and was over the moon by their talent, love for each other, and big heart. I so look forward to seeing them with Süden II in March. I‘ll definitely check out Steiner & Madlaina 😃.
        Have a wonderful week! Daniela

      2. Thanks, Daniela, will go ticket hunting right now. I know Pippo often stops in the Nuremberg area, I have a friend who never misses a gig! And thanks to Spotify and Apple Music I’m sure I get my hands on his latest album! Have a great week yourself! Marcus

      3. Yes, you can find them easily on music streaming platforms. Süden II seems to be much calmer than Süden, which I find a great album. If you like Süden, also look for their live album they recorded in Verona. My absolute favourite. 🌟

  2. Such cool photos. How do you take them in “low” light when the band is on stage? I tried adjusting ISO but then I have too much grain in the photos.

    1. Thanks, Daan, so much appreciated! ISO 3200 gave me between 1/60 and 1/100 sec of shutter speed with the F/1.8 prime lens. Still, there were a lot of blurred images when the musicians moved extensively. I don’t mind having some grain in my images, it adds to the atmosphere. That said, the Oly cameras are still ok at ISO 3200.

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