Dead in the Sea? In the Dead Sea!

Sunset swim in the Dead Sea on the Jordan Shore
Sunset Dip | Dead Sea | 2019

This is how The Significant Other and myself did spend our Halloween evening. Taking a splash in the Dead Sea. We’re both in this picture (courtesy to a smartphone picture by our friend Ralf). Life’s been crazy lately, but I’m still alive. Sandwiched between business trips to the USA and India, the wife and I are spending a week touring beautiful Jordan.

It’s a strange feeling taking a bath in the Dead Sea, at −430.5 m (−1,412 ft) below sea level the lowest elevation on earth. A hypersaline lake, it is 10 times more salty than the ocean and you can simply float on the surface. Holding a book and reading. You just float. On your back (swimming on your belly is not a good idea, it just doesn’t work). It is also a gorgeous place to watch the sunset behind the hills of Israel on the other side of the Dead Sea. Jerusalem is just behind those hills some 25 miles away, and you can see its glow in the sky at night.

The days before we already visited Aqaba (Aladdin’s town) at the shore of the Red Sea, Wadi Rum (location for many movies like Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia) and, as highlight of our trip, the antique Nabataean capital Petra. To see Petra was always a dream of The Significant Other and myself. We had some very magic moments and I took some very magic photographs. Stay tuned ( I know I need to seriously catch up with your blogs and my own posts)

Hope you all had a fun Halloween and a great start into November!


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  1. I’m glad that you had a relaxing getaway. That sunset is beautiful. I love floating in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m sure the Dead Sea would be even more peaceful. 🙂

  2. This sounds so wonderful and Petra is on my bucket list as well. Can’t wait to see your pics and have missed you may friend. Life’s been crazy here too as you know.
    We have a salt inside pool here where we float just like that, but I am missing the sunsets. Enjoy your time. Hugs

  3. A pleasant look at how the other side lives. We’re in the throws of winter. I felt the warmth radiating in your image. <3

  4. So beautiful! I’d love to float there. And visit Jerusalem too. Nice to see you back Marcus, have a fab holiday. 😎

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