Love you to death

Skeleton clad with Valentine hearts - love you to death
Love you to death | Portland | 2019

After transitioning the “Streets of Nuremberg” to the new blog layout it’s finally back to street photography with an image I shot last week in Portland. “Love you to death” was also my entry for last weekends 52frames challenge dubbed “Uncommon”.  I decided that this skeleton, obviously still decorated on the occasion of the recent Valentines Day, qualifies.

This photograph also demonstrates that street photography is by no means limited to shooting people. This genre depicts an unadulterated image of reality as life happens in the streets around us,  expressed in the conscious selection of the detail of reality and the design with photographic means.  When I roam the streets of any given city, I always observe my surroundings for interesting stories to happen, but also for any details that catch my eye. The storefront window of this little shop of horrors in Portland (true to its motto – “Keep Portland Weird”) got my attention. I instantly loved the obvious juxtapositions visible in the frame. The skeleton decorated with hearts, the color contrast black and red. I also liked the reflections of the moody building behind me and the rain-filled clouds above. They totally added to the overall mood of the photograph.

As it was raining, I had my camera still in the backpack. I captured the scene with my iPhone XS (1/160 sec – f/1.8 – ISO 25). Some post processing applied in Lightroom CC Classic, mainly increasing clarity and putting a grad filter on the upper part.

So the next time you venture out into the streets of wherever place you are, walk with open eyes. Look for those details. Capture them with your phone if you don’t have your camera with you, it will do just fine.

If you are looking for tips and inspirations about what to shoot, check out my free “Learning Center”.

Wish you a great Wednesday!


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  1. Great capture! The new blog format looks fantastic, Marcus. So did you leave snowy Nuremburg in time to see snowy Portland?

    1. Thanks, Marsi, glad you like the photo and the new blog format! The snow in PDX city center was gone by the time I got there, but the gorge had really bad ice and snow situation the whole time. We only got rain in the city! Marcus

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