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A few weeks ago I asked you to cast your vote for “Ginger”, a creative project that is supporting Nuremberg’s application to become the European Capital of Culture in 2025. From many ideas submitted, the Open Call N2025 initiative advanced 96 projects to the stage of public voting. Also thanks to your help, “Ginger” received the fourth most votes and will be one of ten projects whose realization will be funded with 5.000 EUR.

“Ginger” will be an independent print magazine that celebrates creativity in all its forms in the Nuremberg area. It is intended to be a platform for local and foreign communities in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, that brings together all kinds of local creators: artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, writers, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, marketers… etc.

“Ginger” is the brain child of Cécile Boudjenah (expat from France, marketer) and Ingrid Sabisch (local, illustrator). I came into the project as they used some of my street photographs in the mockup for the application. 

During the voting phase Cécile connected with a group of people that will form the core team for the creation of Ginger. And yesterday this group met for the fist time in a small coffeeshop (thanks @ Moritzberg for hosting us) for a pre-kick-off.

As introductions were made and expectations exchanged, I was totally amazed by the diversity and expertise of the group of people, who share a creative vision and passion for the project to launch a magazine, certainly an opportunity that doesn’t come by every day.

The group consists of two French, one Indian, one Spanish, one Canadian and three locals from Nuremberg. Backgrounds are Marketing, Graphic Design, Writing, Illustration, Photography, Art Director, Project Management. And there are many good connections to the local cultural and entrepreneurial scene. After meeting the group I’m totally convinced that we can make “Ginger” a reality.

To get things started, we created five work buckets (brand, content, community, business plan, operations). We then assigned us according our knowledge and ideas, with each bucket having a lead owner. We agreed on a few tools for project management, communication and contents sharing. And we decided on a regular two-hour in-person meeting (every two weeks on Monday evening) to discuss ideas and take decisions. The goal for the first meeting beginning of June is to agree on the cornerstones for each bucket.

I’m so exited about this project and the opportunity to be part of the creation of a magazine. I will share the progress of the story on this blog, so stay tuned.

Wish you a great week!


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  1. Congrats! So happy to hear that such inventiveness has been given a stage. I truly like the thought, and from the content and photographs, I can see it will be great. It would be ideal if you update us as often as possible. I can see numerous incredible thoughts happen and I am so energized for you.

  2. How amazing is that and what an amazing diverse group. I can see many great ideas come to pass and I am so excited for you. Congratulations again.

  3. Well done with this. I felt bad for missing the deadline for voting but at least you now get to do some exciting creative project work.

  4. Congratulations, Marcus. I’ll be looking forward to reading more about this. I think the creative and logistical process will be interesting to follow.

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