From a distance

Social Distancing
1/125 sec | f/8 | ISO 320 | 35mm

From a distance – wasn’t there this song by Bette Middler? It’s the core theme of these days, with countries slowly returning to the “new normal” and people trying to find the right balance between staying safe and the necessity of somehow have to carry on with their daily lives.

This photograph of a mother and her child was also taken from a distance. I was standing on the balustrade above the “Liebesinsel” (Island of Love), a small island in the River Pegnitz in Nuremberg’s Old Town.

I carried the Leica M with the 35mm Summicron, which automatically resulted in getting lots of negative space into the composition as I was pretty far away and the bannister prohibited me from getting any closer. Visually I also like the yellow and blue colors in the garments of the child and mother, repeated by the willow above them. The whole photograph has this warm tone. The vertical and diagonal lines are also strong compositional elements, as well as the little triangle the mother and child are forming.

And then there is the inevitable question of the story that happened down there between the two, what is the gesture about, the mom leaning down to her child, the arm outstretched. Every observer can build his or her own little story. The fun in street photography

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  1. It’s definitely a photo saying some about the present times. Both with respect of lack of people in the street scene as well as the distance from which the photo was taken. I love the repeated use of yellow, in the coat of the kid, in the scarf the woman is wearing and in the branches in the tree. Even the ground and river has a yellow tint.

      1. Doing well here Marcus, thanks! Daily walks in the neighborhood and an occasional project site visit. Best to you!

  2. A very interesting capture of the yellows and the mystery of the interaction between the toddler and his mom. When i first looked, I thought I saw a grey squirrel on the tree trunk at the top of the image. My imagination seemed to be in overdrive…

    1. Thanks for your feedback, so much appreciated! Interesting take on the imaginary squirrel, I’m sure at times there are the real ones in that tree! Have a great Saturday! Marcus

  3. Hi Marcus. It is so good to get out and capture some new shots after being shut in for so long. Our little city is becoming too familiar. Hope all is well with you. Allan

    1. Hi Allan, thanks for your thoughts! All is well over here, slowly street life is returning. Whether this is good thing remains to be seen….Hapyp weekend! Marcus

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