What’s missing

What's missing....Christmas market 2020 is not happening on the streets of Nuremberg due to Covid

This afternoon I pulled out some random shots from this week last year that I think I never posted. And you can clearly see what’s missing this year on the Streets of Nuremberg…

What's missing....Christmas market 2020 is not happening on the streets of Nuremberg due to Covid
What's missing....Christmas market 2020 is not happening on the streets of Nuremberg due to Covid
What's missing....Christmas market 2020 is not happening on the streets of Nuremberg due to Covid
What's missing....Christmas market 2020 is not happening on the streets of Nuremberg due to Covid
What's missing....Christmas market 2020 is not happening on the streets of Nuremberg due to Covid

The Christkindlesmarkt not happening this year is a true bummer. They set up some virtual offerings as well as the possibility to buy the arts, crafts and even food offerings online from the owners of the little stalls that line the alleys of the market. Why this is available only via the German pages of the market website beats me.

What’s missing for you that you love and that isn’t happening this year? Revisit your photographic archive and cherish….

All photographs taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100 /F4. RAW conversion and postprocessing done in Lightroom Classic.

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Have a splendid Saturday, and don’t let Covid get to you!


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Christmas Romance

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  1. It’s been a strange year to be sure, Marcus. Whenever memories come up from a year ago, it’s always so surprising at how much and how quickly things changed. I hope that you and your family are doing well.

  2. Beautiful pictures as always and you are right, Christmas feels a lot different this year. The last two years I was in Germany and got to enjoy some of these markets, spending time with family. Although Mom was gone this time last year already, it seems now that the shock has gone it also makes me experience it for the first time really what it means to spend my life without her. Big hu gas to you my friend.

  3. In our small town there is a funky Christmas Parade that we are missing this year, with the firefighters driving their fire trucks and throwing candy to the kids on the sidewalk, and lots of local groups having fun in the parade. Some of the boats in the marina decorate for the holidays too, and that won’t be happening – well, maybe they will decorate but people won’t be invited to stroll up and down the docks to see. Maybe we will do that anyway. Until next year!!

  4. Oh no, no Christkindlesmarkt. It must be the only year in recent times that they won’t be put up, right? These pictures are lovely. Make me look back and be grateful of our wonderful time in the Christmas markets in Germany two years ago. Thinking about them, I feel regretful that we did not have time to visit Nuremberg which I’ve read has one of the most beautiful markets. I have to blame the visits to the car museums in Stuttgart hahah but it’s okay, I know (I have to be positive) the family will go back to Germany in the future, my husband studied there so he feels he has some connection of the country especially the culture. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for taking the tame to share your thoughts! It’s the first time since WW II that the market has been cancelled. Glad you liked the German Christmas markets. And to be honest, the Stuttgart car museums are great as well 🙂 I once did a post about the Porsche Museum, you can find it when you search for Porsche in the search field of my blog! Hopefully next time you make it to Nuremberg! Stay safe! Marcus

      1. Germany without Christmas markets is unheard off but yeah really necessary this year. There are no bazaars here in Singapore as well this year but we are very very lucky that we could gather up to 8 people now starting Dec 28.

        When we go back in the Bavarian region for Christmas, I’ll never miss Nuremberg again. 🙂

  5. You truly have some remarkable, creative shots in this post. I love your reflection ones, and close-up details. Sad that people are missing. But hold on to this post. Hopefully, in a year or maybe two, you can hold the photos side by side, and the people will be the stars once again.

  6. I absolutely love your nighttime photography, Marcus! Seeing the lights and people in the street brings back some fond memories 😌

  7. I find it sad that people have been convinced to be so afraid of dying, they’re unwilling to live.

  8. Fantastic photos! Definitely missing all the holiday activities and events here…Gingerbread houses display at a downtown hotel, small outdoor German market that they have downtown, Xmas light displays at gardens. However thankful for our health at the moment and enjoying outdoor lights around our neighbourhood. Stay safe!

  9. These are wonderful photos, Marcus! What’s missing is seeing my family back home in Michigan this Christmas. Tough times.

  10. Memories is why we take photos. We are lucky to have them to keep us looking forward. Our 2nd year Christmas Market (nowhere near the European quality) managed to open this year inside an old department store with scheduled 1 hour windows and 100 vendors. Better something than nothing, but I doubt we will be going. Case rising big time here and we are staying to ourselves. Stay well and have a memorable Christmas, Marcus. Allan

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Allan, so much appreciated! We’re avoiding any crowds whatsoever. Better safe than sorry. Our cases are spiking as well, despite the restrictions. We will be totally locked up soon, I assume, but it seems to be needed. No free hospital beds in the area…Stay safe!

  11. Beautiful shots! It’s gonna be a different kind of Christmas and holiday season for many of us, and for good reason. Still…. We’ll stay in touch virtually, as we’ve done throughout this year. On the other hand, with family and friends living across continents, we’re used to it. But, still…. We’ve been doing our best to stay safe and keep everybody else safe, follow the quarantine rules and all that. What’s the alternative, right?

    Thanks again for sharing your photographs and have a wonderful weekend, too. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alina, so much appreciated! We also are separating and seeing everyone but the kids and the parents only virtually. There is no alternative, you are right, we need to fight through this! Stay safe! Marcus

  12. Leider werden diese Bilder dieses Jahr nirgendwo zu sehen sein. Dein Weihnachtsmarkt ist auch sehr bekannt, oder 😉 Besser nächstes Jahr ….

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