Playing with light and lines

NYC Oculus Architectural Detail

Put me in a building with interesting architecture and light, and I feel like a child in a sandbox. Using my camera as my little shovel. Playing with light and lines…

NYC Oculus Architectural Detail
NYC Oculus Architectural Detail
NYC Oculus Architectural Detail
NYC Oculus Architectural Detail
NYC Oculus Architectural Detail

All shots were taken with my Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4 Pro Zoom. I mostly used the long end of the focal length to zoom into the details. And for some images I also cropped into more wider shots in post production to really keep the lines clean to create this little portfolio of fine-art architectural photographs. The conversion to black and white was done in Lightroom Classic using a single monochrome preset, to keep the look consistent across all images.

Do you have a clue in which widely known building I took those abstract, architectural photographs? Then please live a comment below. If you have no idea, check back in the coming days, as I will do a post introducing you to the building with some overall and contextual shots.

Next time you are out and about seeing interesting architecture, get creative with your camera and start playing with light and lines ! If you are looking for more inspirations around photography, check out my series “Instant Inspirations” in my free Learning Center

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. Great composition and series! It looks like a stunning building. Modern architecture can be such a great photography subject.

  2. These are really nice, Marcus, and they took me down a very pleasant “memory lane” to the last time I was there, a few years ago. Before I moved to the Pacific Northwest I worked right next to the WTC site and used to watch the construction from our offices. That whole area has many, many interesting buildings to photograph – old and new side by side. I hope you can get back to NYC before too long.

    1. Thanks, Lynn, glad I could bring back some memories! How fascinating that you used to work right next door. I love NYC so much and long to be back. Let’s keep fingers crossed we soon get to travel again! Marcus

  3. I always appreciate how you share information about camera and lens you use as well as post production. Little gems that come my way 🙂

  4. I feel exactly the same way. But with me it’s both architecture and ski slopes! I love the lines that the skiers leave in the snow, especially this time of year when the shadows are so long. I get up there early and it’s mostly in shadow. As the light moves across the landscape, these wonderful lines and patterns begin to emerge. Good thing I bring the little Sony with me. I’ll post some today. I love your “light and Lines”. It really draws me in, even hypnotizes a little bit.

    1. Thanks so much for kind words, and for sharing your passion with lines. I absolutely agree to the lines of skiers in pristine snow. That would also make for great abstract images. Marcus

      1. His details are pretty unmistakable, but interchangeable from building to building 😉I couldn’t recall if you’d more likely been to Spain or New York in recent years!

  5. Your analogy of the play in the sandbox is just perfect. Not only do I know what you mean, but it has made me realize what a good description sandbox play is for how I feel when Sher and I are traveling.

  6. These photos are so beautiful, Marcus! I love the flowing lines that change the light and dark so well. Well done! 😎❤️

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