Hot Game

1/320 sec – f/5 – ISO 200 – 100 mm

Beach-tennis, volleyball, frisbee – these are the normal games you see everyone playing at the waterline on a hot beach day. But there was also another hot game played to the sound of the waves….

Hot Card Game
1/160 sec – f/5.6 – ISO 200 – 47 mm

The fun about street beach photography is that there is always something new to discover about live happening around you. Like this group of distinguished Italian best-ager ladies dealing a hot hand under the shades of a beach bar on the Ligurian coast.

1/320 sec – f/5 – ISO 200 – 100 mm

Although I didn’t quite get what card game their were playing, the pokerfaces they put on were priceless. And they didn’t mind the Aperitivo-drinking photographer snapping away with his Olympus OM-D E-M1X with the 12-100mm F/4. It was cool to witness and capture their hot game!

Our summer vacation is breezing by, and sometimes I have a hard time prioritizing between relaxation, eating/drinking, sightseeing, shooting and post-processing, let alone blogging…..summer problems 🙂

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Wish you a great Friday!


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    1. Thanks, Marion, your kind words are so much appreciated! We’ve been in Genoa since Saturday as well! You son for sure as great weather. My best friend took me out sailing on Sunday on a little boat, this is such a beautiful coast to see from the water! Marcus

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