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Proud parents looking at their newborn baby girl

The last post was about my first attempt doing a pregnancy session. Capturing the joy of expecting parents. As it turned out, it was not a week too soon, because the baby eventually decided to arrive a good three weeks ahead of schedule. Here are the images from the newborn session with a baby girl not even a week old…

Proud parents looking at their newborn baby girl

Just like the pregnancy session, capturing the little girl and her parents was set up as a home shooting in the couple’s living room. As before, I got some inspirations from Instagram that I copied into a mood board and brought along, together with some accessories from which the parents could select.

The hands of proud parents touching their newborn baby girl

I brought the same gear as for the pregnancy session a couple weeks earlier. Keeping it simple, I was using my trusted workhorse Olympus OM-D E-M1X with the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4 zoom. The second camera was again the Leica M (Type 240) with the Summicron 50mm F/2 to create these special portrait shots with the legendary Leica look, as this camera and lens combo renders like no other.

Tiny newborn baby girl with the silhouette of her mother above her

I find that with these two camera-lens combos I can handle all situations in a home shooting environment without having to worry too much about my gear or which lenses to take. I can operate them blindly and I know what I can and can’t do. I seamlessly swap the cameras during the shoot, so it is easy for photographer and subjects to stay in the flow.

Newborn babygirl cuddled in laying on a fur with the arm of her dad behind

Also, both the Olympus zoom as well as the Leica Summicron are both fast lenses, with apertures of F/4 and F/2 respectively. Using available light and avoiding flash was paramount in this situation. Not only is natural light much more flattering, a newborn that is half asleep doesn’t enjoy strobes being flashed her way, so shooting wide open at higher ISO (between 400 and 1600) was the better way to go.

Newborn babygirl cuddled in laying on a fur

Before starting the session the little one was well fed. Also we made sure the living room was well heated. As it was crispy cold outside, I brought an additional electrical heater that served us well. At the start of the shooting, the little one was pretty much asleep. That made it quite easy to wrap her in the blanket.

Newborn babygirl's foot in the hand of her father
Newborn babygirl's head in the hands of her parents

Like in the pregnancy session a couple weeks earlier, we made well use of the large living room windows as the principle source of soft, natural light. This worked well for both the family pictures as well as for some detailed shots that are also very important. Also to capture the size difference between the tiny human being and the parents, which is never greater as in this very first days they spend together.

Newborn babygirl holding the fingers of her parents

Sharing the results via the back screen of the camera is very important, so everyone is seeing we are getting beautiful results, which puts the whole crew at ease.

The little one was pretty much at ease the whole session. It helps do to the shooting very soon after the family returning home with the newborn. The babies sleep most of the time and can be handled pretty easy. But it is important to understand that the baby is the boss 😉 If the little one is not happy with what we are trying to capture on the sensor, then it is better to stop immediately and move on to something else to keep the star of the season at ease.

Also, when using freshly acquired props, it is important that everything is clean, properly washed and that blankets, furs and any other accessories are not loosing any excess material. Basically I was very happy with the stuff I brought, and it was well used.

Newborn babygirl cuddled in

After retuning home, I downloaded the images from the shooting onto the computer and looked for some initial highlights. After a quick editing I did send the parents some initial images via WhatsApp the night of the session, with the rest of the images delivered during the week. All post production was done in Lightroom Classic.

That was the litte two-part series around pregnancy and newborn photography. It was definitely fun for me and I’m quite happy with the results.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Beautiful photos that will become precious memories! I like your blog posts and the way you share information. I don’t do much street photography or people, but have been invited to shoot my first wedding in November off of my other work. I shoot with Olympus now too, so I’ll keep coming back here to gleen some information. Cheers.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and feedback on the blog. Have fun with the wedding, it will be an awesome experience. I sot my first last year – and lived to blog about it 🙂 Happy Easter! Marcus

      1. Thanks Marcus, I’ll hunt your post out! This is a small wedding with about 30 guests which is why I accepted, I’m nervously looking forward to the responsibility 😀

  2. These photos are precious and such wonderful treasures for the parents. I love that little baby swaddled in a blanket, and I haven’t even met this newborn. It must have been a pleasure for you to take these shots.

  3. Not off-topic at all, Marcus. Your photos of this young family are so beautiful. A wonderful gift for the family. 🙏🏻❤️

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