Israel Explored – Mahane Yehuda Market

We have made it to the Holy City of Jerusalem, at last. And for sure this is a dream come true for The Significant Other and myself. After the joint dinner of our tour group, the two of us headed out of the hotel and took a city tram to nearby Mahane Yehuda market. Every Thursday evening is the night market, which turns the place into a giant party zone, a giant melting pod of people. A perfect place for street photography. Come along for a trip across the market….

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through across Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market.

All Images taken with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. After the disaster with my malfunctioning new Leica SL2-S, the iPhone was the tool of choice for shooting on the market. And it performed admirably. It even was much more inconspicuous than the Leica could ever have been. I love the colors I got from my iPhone.

At least that night on the market, the Leica was not missed….

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Have a great Saturday


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  1. beautiful series. i visited this place two days ago. Photographed with my Ricoh GR. The light was amazing and marked was packed as hell before the holidays. Great to see such recognized places in your blog. I hope that your Leica is already ok.

  2. Schöne Fotos, trotz Kameratausch. Mir ging es vor Jahren ähnlich, mein Fotoapparat hatte eine Fehlfunktion, aber ich habe trotzdem weiter Fotos gemacht. Entstanden sind Aufnahmen, die einen, sagen wir mal, experimentellen Charakter hatten. Es war trotzdem ärgerlich.

  3. I am glad you were able to take this trip! We had two trips cancelled there in 2020. I really enjoyed this photo journey through across Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market. The inclusion of many murals was a pleasant bonus for me!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Marland, and for your kind words! Israel is so beautiful and fascinating! I sure hope you will make it to here soon! I captured a gazillion of murals here, will make a separate post about it!

  4. Those are great iPhone photos! The phones have certainly come a long way with their camera capabilities. Beautiful colours for sure!

    1. Thanks, Lynn, appreciate your kind words! And I love the image too, had to sprint to get close to capture, when I saw the guy moving to the entrance, had to get that shot!

  5. Yes I agree. The iPhone seems best for this location. Would you have thought about using it if you had not needed to do so? I wouldn’t have done so. Your camera disaster really makes me think about the versatility of the iPhone camera and how often I fail to use it when it would be better than my Canon 70D. I do use Adobe Camera on my iPhone so the photos sync with my desk top for editing. Very convenient for editing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tim! Honestly, if I had the Leica around the neck I would have used it most of the time for sure. Fullframe IQ is sublime. But then again, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take even half the shots. People that hate having a (big) camera pointed at them seem to not to notice when I have a phone in my hand to capture them. No one ever objected to one of my iPhone shots. Well, everyone here has a phone in his hands anyway, so no one cares. And there is another thing….the iPhone does not weigh you down as a Leica or a Canon does….

      1. Yes, I agree on all of your points. I need to remember to use my iPhone more. Because it is a XR is does not have the versatility of the 13 Max but it works well and mine is synced to my desktop for easy editing.
        Travel safe and have a wonderful time.

  6. Fantastic photos, Marcus! I looked at each photo closely, it’s amazing how each face tells it’s own story. Such a fascinating place, thanks for sharing! If you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have known the camera is an iPhone 12, same phone as mine.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, John, so much appreciated! The iPhone 12 is fantastic for photography, no doubts. I loved having it today when touring Jerusalem and its holy sites. Enjoy your Saturday! Marcus

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