The only one

Mean looking man with a helmet holding a motorcycle
Got a question? | Genoa | 2022

Yesterday afternoon I was roaming the streets of Genoa with camera in hand, while accompanying The Significant Other on some downtown shopping. I snapped quite a few images over a couple hours time. Only a few came out decent. And then there is the only one that I consider a real keeper. Not a good success rate. But I’m totally happy if I get one good photograph out of a photo walk. The only one.

Image taken with the Leica SL2-S and the Vario-Elmarit-SL 1:2.8/24-70 ASPH. RAW conversion into monochrome and some post processing (mainly cropping) done in Lightroom Classic.

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Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Sometimes you only get one! I took my camera recently on a hike and changed lenses…but forgot to put a uv filter on the lens…well you can guess how all my lovely sunny shots turned out! Horrid! Thank goodness for iphones with amazing cameras!!

  2. Great image capture, Marcus. This is one shot you can (and should) just keep staring at. You keep seeing more and more things! Fun that you guys have a place there to work on and enjoy. Well deserved, I am sure. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cate, it means a lot! Even better, we bought a little place there we‘re currently renovating. More reason to return once in a while 😉💚🤍❤️ After all it‘s only a seven hour drive from Nuremberg 🏎 😎

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